Stepping back in time.

Last night I went to the production of Grease, put on by the drama club at my alma mater. Most of you know, because I’ve mentioned it before, that my 10 year high school reunion is this year.


Being on campus last night was a little surreal. I haven’t stepped foot there since maybe a few years after graduation when we decided to go to the homecoming football game. But what made it even more surreal is that fact that my high school has been renovated since I attended school there. & by renovated I really mean practically torn down & re-built. What was once one-story buildings all over campus are now big multi-level buildings with big courtyards and state of the art auditorium, library, gymnasium, and cafeteria.Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday I graduated from high school and other times I feel like it’s been a million years longer than just ten.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous & how lucky all those students are who go there now, but those halls are not my halls. The places where I’d meet friends before, in between classes, and after school are gone. If you were to ask me how to get to x class, I’d have no clue because x class I once knew is probably nowhere near where I’d direct you to.

But being on campus also brought back a flood of memories, well, that combined with the fact I’ve been scouring old bins from the attic of photos & memorabilia from my days in high school as of late (I was class historian, so it’s my job to create a flashback to 1999-2003 at our reunion this year).

CapsI loved high school. I had (and still have some of them) great friends who helped me create good memories from our years at OHS. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn back time to be there again, because my life now is exactly where I want to be, but remembering those good ol’ days has been nice, too. Heck, high school is where the story of Mike & I began and the decisions made then have led me where I am today. But I am a sentimental sap and seeing pictures of things that are tucked back into my memory make me smile.

As I sat in the auditorium watching the now high schoolers put on the musical last night, it made me smile knowing that they are currently creating their own high school memories. That one day they’ll look back on these events and remember them fondly, too (at least I hope). & it makes me think of my own kids one day, walking those halls perhaps (if we still live in our little town, OHS will be where they go since that is both Mike and my’s alma mater), and creating memories of their own that I will get to be witness to.

Life is a funny thing when you think about it, and the possibility of coming full circle in mine one day makes me happy. I look forward to the future while I fondly remember the past.

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  1. Krystle Singleton says:

    Heather! You are so right it is sooo different at OHS. I think it makes it easier at times for me to teach there!! What did you think of Grease?!?! Didn’t the kids do an amazing job?

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