Thank a teacher.

You may very well be living under a rock if you don’t know it’s Teacher Appreciation Week (okay, well if you don’t have kids that are school age then I’ll forgive you) & today is actually Teacher Appreciation Day.

Even though today’s school day is already over, the week is not. So if you haven’t thanked a teacher yet, you have plenty of time left.

As a teacher myself, I know how much it means to get something as simple as a sweet handwritten note of thanks (seeing as we do sometimes spend more time with your children than you do during the school/work week).


This year I took an idea that is already widely shared on Pinterest and went with it as our gifts for the kid’s teachers. The kids painted them and then Tucker & I wrote on them. We added flowers they picked out from Home Depot & we were done. I also wrote a nice card and plan on giving them a gift card at the end of the week (I also promise that as much as we love handmade gifts, we totally don’t mind gifts of monetary value from time to time either!).

It really is the thought that counts & when you look here & read all the quotes about what a teacher really does it sums it up pretty nicely. (I couldn’t pick just one quote to share so I had to share them all!).

So, if you haven’t thanked a teacher yet, get out there & get to thanking (because remember, if you can read this, it’s because of a teacher!).

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