Three is the magic number…

…or is it?

A friend of mine told me that she had recently seen an article about mom’s of three kids being more stressed than moms of two or four kids. When I thought about it, I decided I thought the article was probably right.

Any time I have just two out of my three kids things seem to run smoother. It doesn’t matter what two kids either, whether it’s Tucker and one of the girls or just both of the girls. There is less talking (which means less bickering), there is less mess (which really means just less toys out for them to argue over), & there is one less mouth to feed (& my kids are always wanting food!).

The dynamics with three is just different than the dynamics with two. & although I don’t really know what four is like, I assume it would balance out the oddity of the three-kids-equation. I decided, after mulling this all over, I needed to read said article that justifies my stress level as a mom of three kids. It’s funny how so much about this article is true, including the simple things about a husband sometimes causing more stress than the kids do (sorry hun, but it’s true!) & that as a mom you are acutely aware of your lack of “me time”.

Seeing as I can’t ditch one kid to destress as just a mom of two, I guess that just means we need to add one more to our crew! You know I’ve shared before about our want for four to be our lucky number but there have been so many times over the past few years where Mike and I would look at each other & just know that three was it for us. But now I wonder if maybe it’s because of this new rule of three thing. Could four really be easier than three? What do you think?!

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3 Responses to Three is the magic number…

  1. Kelli says:

    Thank you for posting!!! After reading this article and your post, it definitely got me thinking. Like you, I am a mom to an older child and twins. Going from one to three, first of all was a shock for me big time. I would never ever wish that I only had two but I sometimes think how easy two would be. Three is stressful and I find myself stressed – alot! But we despite this we have alot of fun and there is alot of love. Like you I find having just two together at a time less stressful for sure, the other day my mom took my oldest for a sleepover and the twins played together, there were less fights, it was more quiet, they seemed more content with each other and even better, my hubby and I got to sit down and relax!!! Sometimes I think I would like to have another baby, but then I think, #1 am I crazy, three is even more than I had originally planned and #2 what if I got pregnant with twins again!! lol!!

  2. Sara says:

    Wow, I had heard that stat recently but hadn’t read the article. SO TRUE! I have three girls ages 23 months, 4, and 12 years and I feel like I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth most days. My mom has always said that children are just easier to handle in even numbers….there are 4 of us. I think she was on to something! 😉
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