Life lately.

Let me preface this by saying, if you follow me on Instagram you already have seen all of these pictures. I haven’t really picked up my good camera lately so this is all I’ve got for visuals.

Yesterday morning my mom & I tackled the yard after breakfast. The kids got special pancakes, I’m new to using a squirt bottle to make them pictures out of their pancakes, that’s Tucker’s truck you see below. Luckily he approved. The yard turned out to be quite the feat. Mom, who mows her yard all the time, said it’s the thickest grass she’s ever mowed. I cut my finger trimming the bushes, and ended up having to use a Polish weed whacker (aka scissors) after I couldn’t get ours started & walked away with three welts while doing so. Luckily the outcome was one good looking lawn.


Then…Lilah & I had to head back to Nemours for the neuro follow up from her possible seizure on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the EEG was a no go because Lilah (not surprisingly) wanted nothing to do with it. We still saw the doctor though, & he was really good with her. He ordered a follow up MRI & EEG where she’ll have to be sedated in order to make sure all goes well this time. So right now it’s just a waiting game.


Life for us has been a little crazy as of late & I’m looking forward to the day when it all goes back to normal. I had just been thinking that I needed to write a post on just living life because it felt like we had been at a point where that’s what we were doing. Just living. No big milestones going on with us, no big hurdles to jump or road  blocks to over come. Man, does God sure know how to throw a curve ball at you right when you aren’t looking. Ok, big guy, I’ve got it. I’m paying attention, no longer too comfortable, and ready to catch what you are throwing at us. Just, please be gentle.

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