Stealing a title.

I was blog reading just now & saw a post titled, “the afternoon that went downhill”.

Ok, were they reading my mind because that was our day to a T yesterday.

We started out by heading to Ikea for kids eat free lunch (I seriously spent $6.60 for all four of us to eat) and let the kids play in their play area for the first time. Tucker always asks but we’ve never let them. If you didn’t know, they give you a pager & you get an hour of kid-free shopping in. I totally think ALL stores need to adopt this concept! Well, Tucker & Lexie did it, Lilah chickened out at last minute & shopped with me. They had a blast and cannot wait to go back again, Lilah swears she will go in next time.

We headed home after, with the girls stealing quick naps in the car. The kids had ice cream and rested in the playroom until we left for afternoon story time at the library. While we were there Lilah told me her head hurt a few times & said she was tired. I assumed from nap skipping and told her she could lay down when we got home. We checked out books and returned home where she laid down on the couch.

Now, here’s the downhill part. Big downhill.

A few minutes after we got home I was in my room when Tucker yelled for me saying Lilah was throwing up. I ran in the playroom to find her standing at their play table. She was still throwing up and acting really funny. I rushed to her and was helping her stand up while she got sick. All of a sudden she turned so white and her lips started to turn blue, she was just staring off and wouldn’t answer me. I dialed 911 and ran next door to our police officer neighbors who ended up not ring home. I ran back inside while on the phone and Lilah’s color was coming back a little. I got her to sit down while I stayed on the line & she was still very dazed & disoriented. The paramedics got there & checked her out. By then she was cooler (oh ya, she was extremely hot after she threw up, too) and all her vitals were fine. She was still a little out of it, letting them do whatever to her (which if you know Lilah, you know that is not the norm).

They said it was up to me if I wanted them to take her to the hospital but that it seemed like she as in the postyctal (sp?) phase of a febrile seizure like she had before. I declined because I was alone with all three kids but called my dad to come straight from work. I put a call into our doctor & my aunt, Nurse Jackie (a retired RN who is always willing to dole out her medical expertise). All agreed I should take her to our new children’s hospital, (where the local ambulance wouldn’t have been able to go anyway) Nemours, once my dad got there to watch the other two.


At Nemours (lucky for us my in-laws neighbor works there & called ahead that we were coming, made it so nice they new to look out for us) they did lab work, all came back perfect, and had to fight her (which is our normal Lilah) to get any of it done. They are leaning towards either a febrile seizure without really seizing or a passing out spell. They said in little kids if they do pass out, the zoning she did is normal because of their size & amount of blood flow in tiny bodies. We have a follow up in just a bit at our doctor & a just-in-case neuro appointment on Friday back at Nemours.

Se slept okay through the night and had a fever off & on. Man, this girl just loves to keep us on our toes but I really wish she’d cut us a break sometimes. I really don’t need to go gray in my early thirties! Here’s to hoping the rest of our summer is emergency free & just full of fun!

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