4th of July Mantel

I love having my faux fireplace to decorate for each holiday & season. If only I could get Mike to let me take down (never gonna happen) or hide somehow (this might be something I can talk him into) the t.v. It’s just not aesthetically pleasing when I try to take pictures. When you are in the room & looking at the fireplace you don’t notice the t.v. so much, but in these pictures it’s a big black box on the wall & seems to stick out like a sore thumb.


It’s funny how I work on the mantel each time I re-do it. I find a few pieces & get started with whatever new theme I have in mind depending on the reason, and then I slowly add to it over the course of a few days or sometimes a few weeks. This mantel started a little over a week ago & is now mostly finished (at least I think it is). Luckily it’s going to stay like this most of the summer, I think patriotic works for this season & I’m loving the bunting too much to leave it up for only the holiday.


The American flag piece you see in the center of the fireplace leaned up against the wall in the first picture was made by me one night last week. I found a piece of wood in the garage that was almost the size I needed, pulled out Mike’s saw & cut down one side. Then I drew off the lines I needed & found some craft paint & went to town. It says, “Let freedom ring” in gold on one of the bottom stripes (hard to tell in the picture) and is distressed just enough. We eventually plan on doing stained fence paneling in this part of the fireplace (its on my never ending to-do list) and I like the idea of adding artwork to it like this from time to time to add a little touch to the fireplace décor.

Do you have a spot in your house you decorate for each holiday or season? Leave a link in the comments if you’d like to share, because I’d love to see!

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