Keeping busy this summer.

The kids & I are keeping busy this summer, or trying to at least.

We go to the $1 movies weekly, and hit up our local (& now very close to home) Chick-fil-a at least once a week (if not more!), and try to get together with friends as well. Some days we meet up at the park or splash pad, other days we head to the library or have friends over for a playdate at home.

DSC_0578Every night Tucker asks me, “What fun thing are we doing tomorrow?”

He thinks every day of summer needs to be filled with something fun. Probably our summer bucket list has something to do with that (which we are doing pretty well on checking things off…but a few things like go to the beach or take a vacation are things I’d really like to cross off the list because are we sure in need of some relaxing time near the surf & sand). I try to explain to him that not every day is going to be us running around. Like today, we are still in pjs at home. The kids are playing dress up & trains & watching cartoons (every now & then a quarrel ensues & I have to play mediator). I’m reading & fixing them meals (because they are always eating) & catching up on odds & ends around the house (ugh, like laundry). To me, these days are just as nice as the days we are out & about having fun. But I guess to a five year old, they don’t exactly match up.

So, to make it a little more “fun” for them, we’ll do some sort of craft with messy stuff like paint or playdoh and take a dip in the pool if it doesn’t rain. Maybe we’ll make a run for free slurpees this evening (its free slurpee day at 7-11!) & take a little trip to a nearby playground just so the kids think I’m going all out.

How are you keeping busy this summer? & what do you do on your “down days” to make the kids think they are still having fun?

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2 Responses to Keeping busy this summer.

  1. Jena says:

    Sounds like a pretty fun summer to me! When we were kids we used to go to the babysitters house during the summer – so there was no fun trips. We occasionally went to the pool, but that’s about the extent of our summer fun.

    Which beach do y’all go to? Clearwater is my favorite!
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  2. jenn says:

    My boys are also always asking, “what comes next? what comes tomorrow?” I like that they’re excited and looking forward to things, but mama is getting tired! LOL. The boys are actually in camp M-F from 9-12 right now. It gives them time to get out and play while I’m getting stuff done at the house and the girls are napping. When we are home all day, we do movies, play dough, painting, playing, board games (their fave!), etc.

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