Little girl dress-to-skirt Refashion.

Preface: I didn’t plan on posting this tonight, but after a certain little redhead who was suppose to be sleeping, came wondering out to talk to me just as I finished the first skirt, I couldn’t help but make her try it on & then proceed to snap a few pictures. They aren’t the best pictures, since it was after the sun (which really wasn’t out for us in soggy Florida today anyway) had gone down, but they are cute just the same.

The girls have this dress that I love. I bought it for them two years ago (at least, I think) and they wear it all the time. I actually have pictures of them in it so often that they wore it last Mother’s Day & this past Mother’s Day. It’s just a really simple but cute dress for them to wear when I want them to look a little nicer than just shorts & a shirt. & in Florida, the fact that it was a simple little halter around their neck, made it perfect for spring & summer.

The last time they wore this dress though, I realized that it was meeting its end. That is, until I realized I could turn it into a skirt! Again, that was thanks to a little redhead who pulled it down around her waist one evening at home and proceeded to wear it like a skirt (topless I might add) until bed time. I guess I do have to give her credit where credit is due.


So tonight I finally pulled out the ol’ sewing machine (I really need to pull it out more often & get busy on being more creative) and went to work once the kids were in bed (or so I thought, remember). It was a super simple project (minus a little issue I had towards the end where I sewed the second skirt with the seam facing out rather than in…possibly thanks again to that redhead & her distractions. I ended up having to just roll the waistband in & re-sew it, which gave me the cutest little ruffled top that I ended up re-creating on the first skirt anyways. You can see it in the picture above).


Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut the halter top off the dress, just under the seam.
  2. Turn the skirt inside out & fold the cut edge down about half an inch farther than your elastic. Iron your crease.
  3. Sew all the way around the waist band, leaving about an inch open to put the elastic in.
  4. Pin a safety pin on one end of the elastic & feed it through the waistband. Be sure to hold onto the other end so that you don’t lose it inside the casing.
  5. Pin both ends together & sew the elastic togther.
  6. Finish sewing the opening where you put the elastic through.
  7. Flip the right side out, iron, & you are good to go!


Lilah loved being my little model (sorry the skirt isn’t ironed in this picture & all she has on with it his her night shirt, but you get the drift. The whole time she was talking my ear off & asking if she needed to go wake up Lexie in order for her to try her skirt on, too. Silly girl. Oh! & bonus! Since this dress had an elastic halter before, I just cut the extra fabric off of it & turned it into a matching headband for the girls! Perfect!

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