Really different or really just the same?

448161604503_0_BGAs I sat watching the royal baby coverage today, you know, the moment when Will & Kate stepped outside the confines of the hospital and in front of all their admirers with that little bundle held dearly in their arms (much like a reenactment of Charles & Diana all those years ago right down to the polka dot dress & soft white blanket swaddled baby boy) it made me wonder. Are we really all that different or eerily just the same.

I think back to the days after becoming a parent for the first time. I mean, I know I looked nowhere near as good as Kate did today. I had a puffy face & swollen eyes that I hid behind my glasses. I wore a more stylish version of a sweat pant suit and remember all to well that post-partum belly that reminds you of what it was like to be five months pregnant but without the baby inside this time to blame it on. But besides what I looked like on the day we took Tucker home from the hospital I remember the feelings I had. From nerves to excitement to pure love for this human being I had only known a matter of days.

It was really late when we were discharged due to some blood pressure issues I was having and we drove home with the roads to ourselves, which made driving with a baby in the car much easier on Mike’s nerves. My parents and his mom awaited our arrival and helped us into our house & stayed just a few minutes as we got settled (much to our dismay). We begged them to stay with us, what were we suppose to do alone with a baby?! 492581604503_0_BGAfter they left we put him in the bassinet at the foot of our bed & we just sat there watching him sleep (which really means we were making sure he was still breathing). After we finally laid our heads down on our pillows for some shut eye, Tucker made a noise, and there we were both at the foot of the bed again checking on him.

Is that what Will & Kate are doing right now? Are they watching in awe as their little royal bundle snoozes at the foot of their bed. Are they trying to catch a few winks before he’s up again ready to be changed & fed & rocked back to sleep? Does their life of royalty really make them all that different than us when it comes to something big like becoming parents for the first time? I’m hoping they are soaking up every second of this time rather than leaning on the help of nannies & nurses, but who knows when the luxury of that kind of help is at your fingertips.

I, like the rest of our country (let alone England), am excited to watch the fairytale unfold. I watched their wedding, & awaited the birth, and now sit on pins & needles for glimpses of this sweet babe with his mum & dad as these first days turn to weeks, & months, & years. And I know, six years from now Will & Kate will catch a glimpse of their first born doing something all too big for his britches and they’ll wonder where the time went, where their little baby went. Because that happens to me every day as I watch Tucker learn something an almost kindergartener learns or says something that sounds just too cool to be anything but five going on fifteen.

And in that moment, it hits me all over again, I am a parent. Simple as that.

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