The Seven Year Itch.


Today Mike & I celebrate seven years of marriage & of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the myth of the seven year itch. Do ya’ll think it’s true?

I’m not sure I really feel in itch for anything, but I do understand the comfort that comes with each passing year spent with the person you call husband. That feeling when you know each move he will make before he makes it. Knowing the item they’ll pick on the menu when out to eat at your favorite restaurant (not that parents of little kids get many of those moments). & what he’s thinking if without him having to express his thoughts verbally. It’s reassuring & easy and definitely puts you in the place to have to work at it.

It being marriage.


In the seven years we’ve been married we’ve truly built the foundation for our life together. We’ve done school & jobs & baby making & house buying. We’ve settled into a routine & we are lucky to have three spunky kids to mix it up just enough from time to time to keep us on our toes & keep working at making our family ours & perfect to us.


It’s not always easy, but it’s not always hard. With every relationship there are good days & bad days & just normal days in between. Remembering to cherish the little moments & quickly work through the tough ones helps.


I’m so thankful to be walking side by side in life with someone who really is my best friend. A person who is a great father (& by great I mean the best ever) to our kids. A person who gives into my crazy home DIY ideas & knows how much I cherish lazy mornings in bed on the weekends as he wrangles three rambunctious kids who want to wrestle with their daddy.

Happy Anniversary, Mike! I love you!

P.S. These photos are from my brother’s wedding this past October. I recently got my hands on the wedding CD’s and have been meaning to do a post with some of my favorites from it. So this is a little sneaky peek. More to come of the rest of the wedding soon!

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