Easing in.

We are a week and a half into the new school year (a little longer for me if you count pre-planning) and we are slowly easing into our new normal.

Each evening after dinner we work on showers & book reading & homework. I pack snacks & lunches and prep folders & backpacks for the next day. We lay out uniforms and grab socks & shoes for easy access in the morning. Bedtime is a solid 7:30 for the girls and just a few minutes later for big brother Tucker.

Once the kids are tucked in bed, Mike and I spend a little time together. Sometimes watching a show together, sometimes folding laundry, or sometimes just sitting side-by-side while he works on one thing & I work on another. & then bedtime comes for us adults, too.

The first week of school I had a hard time sleeping (which isn’t uncommon for me) but Mike slept like a rock (which isn’t uncommon for him). For me, I think it was nerves. Not nerves about my job as teacher to a new set of fourth graders, rather nerves as momma to these three kids who were starting something brand new. Something bigger than anything they’d done to date (and having them at school with me just made it that much more nerve-wracking because as a teacher you never want your kids to be “that kid” so of course I was worrying about how they’d act in class, too!).

But I have to say, my kids are rocking elementary school (knock on wood, I’m a firm believer in superstitions like that). Tucker is LOVING kindergarten. I mean, honestly, you look up the definition of kindergartener & Tucker’s picture would be there. He absolutely loves school and doesn’t stop talking about it from the minute he wakes up till the minute he falls asleep practically. & the girls?! Lilah told my mom today, “I had a hard day, lots of work today!” as she climbed in the car with a smile plastered across her face. Both girls love it. They are making friends (although Lexie will tell you she doesn’t have any friends yet, funny thing since she’s usually our social butterfly when it comes to making new friends) and learning the routine and doing just fine at it all.

I think the fact that we prepare so much the night before with uniforms, and backpacks, and lunches is helping our mornings to go smoothly. & because our mornings at home go smoothly, we get to school early (every day!) which gives me time to get a few things done and gives the kids time to prepare for the day ahead, too. No rushing (yet! ’m sure we’ll have our days) is such a nice feeling.

If the next 173 odd days go as well as the last 7 days have gone, we’ll be in for a great year!

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