Sunday Randoms

  • 3e9e27d802b411e3855922000a9e0723_7Today is the first day all summer that I’ve meal planned. With Mike being gone for work, the kids & I kind of ate just random things. No real big meals. It’s nice to be getting back to our routine & a schedule. Here’s what’s on the menu if you were wondering. Monday: Shrimp Orzo Skillet (Pampered Chef), Tuesday: Italian Stuffed Peppers (PC again), Wednesday: Italian Meatball Soup (another PC, so good!), & Thursday: Grilled chicken with Zucchini Squash Bake (Pinterest). I figure by Friday we’ll either go out (I/the kids have Meet the Teacher in the evening) or order pizza.
  • Because the kids & Mike went grocery shopping with me today, I ended up spending $50 more than I usually spend. Oy.
  • The laundry room is on overdrive right now. Between catching up on the laundry Mike brought home (by the way, he ended up coming home for good a day after this post. Praise God. We were all in heaven about it), doing the normal laundry that I loathe doing, and pre-washing the kid’s new uniforms my washer & dryer are probably dying from all the overuse.
  • I am not letting myself rest at all today. & I restocked my Sleepy Time tea. All in hopes I’ll sleep well tonight to get ready for my first day back to work tomorrow.
  • The kids cannot wait to have a “Nan Week” although Tucker said to me yesterday, “Mom, when do I get to start Kindergarten?” when I told him in a week he replied, “But I just can’t wait!” He is dying over starting school. Makes this teacher momma’s heart proud.

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