If it’s not one thing…

…it’s another.

When it rains, it pours.

Can’t catch a break.

Yes. All phrases that apply to us this week. First, Lilah woke up with some random swollen eye last week. After a visit to the doctor & two painful shots in her leg, the swelling is gone with just a little bruising left behing. No clue what it was.



Then, a day later Tucker woke up (at my moms because he & Lexie had stayed the night) complaining of an upset stomach (after two other kids in his class had been out the day before with a stomach bug) and started throwing up not long after. He was out of commission for exactly 24 hours.


After that, Lilah followed suit (I know, poor girl) & got sick as well. She wasn’t under the weather as long as Tucker but it was no fun just the same. Around that time I started feeling under the weather, too. Not stomach buggy but more like head cold. Honey, tea, & vitamin C cough drops for me.



& just when we thought we were in the clear with Lexie…she fractured her wrist tonight! You thought I was going to say she caught the stomach bug too, didn’t you? I almost wish it was something as simple as that. Tonight, the kids & I were out back enjoying some nice weather when she decided to climb up the slide on their playscape (yes, a no no) and fell off. She screamed. I ran. When I got to her, she was saying she couldn’t move her arm and breathing like a woman in labor. Mike wasn’t far from home at that point, he loaded her up and off they went to get checked out.


She’s got a sling & can have Tylenol or IB Profen for pain & we are waiting for a referral to an orthopedic specialist.

Oy. Life!

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