A dog named Sunny.

or Sonny? I’m not really sure.

My first pet was a yellow lab that my parents got me before my actual birthday (I was maybe 4 or 5 I think, I’m not really all that sure). The only thing I really remember about Sunny (or Sonny?) is that she (or he? man, I’m terrible at this) was big but still a puppy & ran all over the place. I think we kept her in the backyard for the most part and when I’d go out there to “play” with her she would just jump all over me. I would run as fast as I could to our picnic table and climb up to get away from her.

I guess Sunny just didn’t seem to be working out very well and my parents ended up giving her away on the day of my birthday party (from what I remember). I remember the people coming to pick her up and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t all that sad.

I’ve never really been a pet person & obviously its been that way since I was little.

*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? Your first pet.

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  1. elzimmy says:

    I’ve had dogs since we got my first one when I was about eight or so, but always small ones. I am not a big dog person.
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