A good weekend, & The Crafty Social recap.

I love when we have a really good weekend, one that ends with a feeling of being refreshed & ready for the week ahead (and the fact that the kids & I only have five days until a week off for Thanksgiving break might have helped with that feeling even more so this weekend).

On Thursday night, we headed to Home Depot to pick up wood laminate flooring for our bedroom. I’ve been wanting to rip the carpet up in there for a while now (the kids use our bathroom a lot and the traffic has been showing for sometime, even with carpet cleaning) and finally told Mike that it was what I wanted for my birthday present this year. Then, on Friday, the kids stayed the night at my in-laws and Mike & I had a date night in the bedroom (haha, but not that kind of date night!). We had to run to Home Depot, thus making a stop at Chick-fil-a for milkshakes, and ended the night just before 11 pm with 99.9% of the flooring done.

On Saturday, I got to sleep in while my poor husband had to go to work. Since Lilah is my human alarm clock, it was nice to not have her waking me up at 5 am. I ran some errands and picked up the kids a little after lunch time. & then that evening I headed out to a local blogging (well, mostly bloggers & a few others) event that I had won a ticket to. It was the first (and hopefully not last) The Crafty Social. It was hosted by two lovely ladies that I follow on instagram (Amy & Sara) and their blogs (my husband is starting to finally come around to the fact that I sometimes meet internet friends in person and am in no danger when I do! Haha!). It was a night of good coffee (hosted at Downtown Credo, what a fun non-for-profit coffee house), new friends, and cute crafting. Oh, and a killer swag bag with goodies from Sunshine and Carousels, The Twinery, Piper Polish Co., Bleue, Everyday Party Magazine, Kidecals, Jamberry Nails, Kori Clark Graphics, Pen & Paint, Houndstooth and Nail, Shimoshi Hair Fragrance, Ashley Brooke Designs, Chrissie Grace Designs, and Culture Flock Clothing. Man, I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

I think I actually got a little inspiration for the girls’ big girl room (I think sometime this next summer I’ll start working on it) through one of the crafts (the mason jar hanging planter) and through one of the swag prints.

I honestly can’t wait for the next one, and have quite a few friends who commented on my pictures wanting to know how they can be apart of it, too! **hint hint Amy & Sara! Bring on more!

Finally, on Sunday, we finished the floor (well, almost) and I cleaned the house while Mike & the kids cleaned the cars. It was just a normal, run of the mill day, but perfect in every way. I was refreshed & ready to take on this week by the time Sunday came to a close. If you follow me on instagram, these photos are nothing new, but if not, peek below & see just what I mean (paying special notice to The Crafty Social ones! Seriously, so much fun!).

















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  1. Sara Stoff says:

    Thanks for coming, Heather! We are so glad you had fun. xoxo

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