Every teacher was my favorite teacher.

Like I shared a few weeks ago, every year in school was practically my favorite year. (Remember, I’m a teacher & that must be why. I just loved school). So that also means, every teacher was pretty much my favorite teacher.

Ms. Pressler was my kindergarten teacher and my first real experience with school. & while I was only five at the time, there are some things I do remember from then. I remember learning to read with Mrs. Pressler. I remember her theme being something with bears and calendar time had these bears that wore hats with the day of the week on them. We’d move the hat from one bear to the next because they were labeled yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I remember her giving us snack in these plastic baseball cap cups. Usually snack was some sort of mix, like trail mix, and she’d pour it into our cup as she walked behind us as we sat at our tables. I remember having nap time & my mom volunteering in my class.

In first grade I had Ms. Hopkins. I remember her wispy blonde hair and our classroom assistant Mrs. Waldbieser. I remember we had a class bunny and that Ms. Hopkins would let it hop around our classroom (bunny pellets being left behind & all). I remember her classroom being near this big painting of the United States on a piece of concrete that we’d all play on during recess, running from state to state.

My second grade teacher was Ms. Beasley. For some reason, I remember learning a lot about writing in second grade. I also remember these little half slips of paper that would have our morning work on it, we’d take one from a basket near the door when we walked in and complete it after unpacking. I think second grade is where my love of school really started and when the seed to be a teacher one day was planted in me. I remember this boy in our class, Marcus (I remember his last name too, but I wont share that detail). Marcus was THAT kid (if you are a teacher you totally know what I mean by this). I remember Ms. Beasley always asking me to help Marcus, to “teach” him. My very first student, I guess.

I had Ms. Kelso in third grade. I remember how classy Ms. Kelso was. She was always dressed to a T and had her hair done just perfectly. I remember she had some sort of accent, a little bit southern, I believe (I’m actually friends with Ms. Kelso on Facebook after all these years and she has twin girls herself!) I think in third grade we did this Charlie & the Chocolate Factory giveaway thing where we bought chocolate bars in search of golden tickets. I don’t really remember all the details, like what the kids who found golden tickets got though.

Fourth grade was the year I had Ms. Billings who got married & became Mrs. Clayton (who was also the person who hired me when I started teaching, my principal for my first few years). There are tons of things I remember about this year. Mrs. Clayton was a first year teacher and had actually gone fifthgradeto college with my cousin Nikki, they were sorority sisters. Mrs. Clayton had her classroom decorated like a jungle when we went to meet the teacher before school started and she had these huge yarn lion rugs that were her husbands & his brothers. Everyone loved getting to lay on these rugs when we were reading. I remember a lot about essay writing this year and this being the year I was called “teachers pet” (what potential teacher wasn’t called teachers pet growing up?). I remember we did a raffle ticket thing at our school this year and I won bowling with Mrs. Clayton (where I rode in her cherry red Mustang to the bowling alley) and a sleepover (where I ended up sleeping over at her apartment because our school was having AC issues when the big sleepover was suppose to happen) with her and another teacher. Riding in a teachers car & sleeping at a teachers house would never happen today! I remember the male substitute we had when Mrs. Clayton took time off to get married and go on her honeymoon. He was a lot of fun and helped us to make a coffee table book with tips on a happy marriage to give Mrs. Clayton as a gift when she returned. Okay, so maybe fourth grade was my favorite year in school, now that I think of it.

In fifth grade I had Ms. Purvis and Mrs. DiGeorge. This was because we “switched” classes in fifth grade in preparation for middle school. Ms. Purvis taught reading & math I think while Mrs. DiGeorge taught science & social studies. I remember sitting in Ms. Purvis’ class when the verdict came down for OJ Simpson & we watched it on the t.v. in her classroom (something that would totally never happen today in an elementary school class either!). I remember doing a project in Mrs. DiGeorge’s class and a classmate used a computer to type up his report, this was something new to many of us and so cool. I remember having a lot of cliques in fifth grade, my friends would change weekly & bounce back and forth the entire year.

So, obviously, I remember elementary school (and I’m not saying I don’t remember middle or high school, because I do. When I think about school though, a lot of times think back to where my foundation for learning started, which obviously was elementary school) and my teachers. I was lucky enough to get great teachers every year, so every teacher was really my favorite teacher in their own special way.

*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? Your favorite teacher and why.

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