Every year was my favorite year.

There’s just no way I can pick a favorite. It must be the reason I’m an elementary school teacher myself. Every year in school was my favorite year. I can tell you every elementary school teacher I had and why she was important to me (I didn’t have a male teacher until middle school) and I can even tell you many of my middle & high school teachers as well. There might be a few here or there I forget, but the good ones? Their names stick. & what they taught me? Ya, it sticks, too.

The most special thing about some of my elementary school teachers? I’ve worked beside some of them (or for them!) as a teacher now, since I still work in the school district I grew up in. My first principal, who hired me when I was ready to start teaching, was my fourth grade teacher. & that year? I taught kindergarten right along side my very own kindergarten teacher, too. & the music teacher at the school I teach at was my middle school band instructor. & there are numerous other teachers that I have had the privilege of keeping up with now that I am a teacher myself.

I am who I am today because of the teachers I had and the education I received. So ya, every year was my favorite year.


*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? Your favorite year in elementary school and why.

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