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Things have been crazy lately. Crazy busy that is. I’m by fault, not a great sleeper, but lately? I am sleeping quite fine because I’m usually exhausted by the time the clock strikes nine. Because of that I’ve been a pretty horrible blog reader & and even worse commenter. But, from time to time, I manage to pull up Bloglovin’ & read as much as I can.

It’s so hard to narrow down my five favorite blogs because I have a huge list of favorites (if you don’t know me, you don’t know that I’m a big list maker. Too bad this list isn’t even finished yet). But if I must…

  1. E, Myself, & I. Not only because I participated in her Working Mom series, but because she’s a fellow teacher & lover of stripes & would probably be a real life friend if I knew her in person.
  2. Kelly’s Korner because I love participating in her Show Us Your Life posts. Always fun times there!
  3. The Larson Lingo. She’s another fellow teacher momma with three adorable kids, tons of great tutorial posts, and a great hostess when it comes to any kind of party you can think of!
  4. The Pleated Poppy. Again, another blog I like linking up with, her WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday) posts are a lot of fun and have taught me so much about mixing up my wardrobe. She also has a gorgeous home that I love getting a peek at in so many of her posts!
  5. These Prices. She’s got the two most adorable children ever and has such a story to go along with just how she became a mother. She’s an inspiration to anyone who has ever struggled with fertility & overcome it through adoption.

*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? Your 5 Favorite Blogs.

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