My five favs: places to shop online

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge online shopper (I like to see things in person), but I do enjoy it from time to time. I’m not sure I can muster up five places I frequently shop online, but I do have a few.

1. Amazon. We shop online through Amazon the most. We have Amazon Prime & love the free two-day shipping. We’ve also never had a problem with anything we’ve bought through Amazon or the whole buying process either. I’ve used them for last minute Halloween costume shopping & they are great at Christmas as well.

2. Target. I like shopping online for them (but love shopping in the stores mostly) with our Target Red Card. We don’t have the credit card version (that would be very very dangerous) but the one that links to our checking account. With that you get free shipping as well & the 5% off is great, too! I used them for the kid’s school uniforms this year and it was great not having to fight the crowds during the back-to-school madness.

3. Old Navy & Gap. I guess I put them together because they are sister stores.  I’ve shopped them from time-to-time online and always had good luck. I like waiting for a big sale when I do these stores online or when there’s a special code for free shipping (notice I like my free shipping when online shopping!).

4. Shutterfly. I use them every holiday for Christmas cards & gifts. I’ve also used them through out the year when I need a special photo gift. Their stuff is the best.

5. Etsy. Self explanitory.

Well, I guess I did have at least five favorites when it comes to online shopping. What is yours?

*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? Your five favorite places to shop online.

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