Oh, I am thankful for…

  • Overhearing sweet words between my girls. (Lilah sneezed and Lexie’s said, “bless you” and Lilah replied, “thank you”. Little moments like that are sometimes few and far between it seems so catching them in the act makes my heart happy).
  • A full cup of coffee.
  • Our sweet little home, even if it’s not our dream home, we’ve made it perfect for us right now.
  • My hard working husband. I’m so proud of how far he’s come in his occupation, he started at the bottom and has worked his way up and I know he’s no where near done movin’ on up.
  • Insurance. Even though it has declined over the years, without it we would be drowning in medical debt today between all the pregnancy issues, premature babies, clumsy kids, and Lilah always keeping us on our toes.
  • Lazy mornings spent in pajamas.
  • Being a mother.
  • Modern day appliances like dishwashers, Keurigs, & washing machines. Just think of what our ancestors lived without!
  • My wide variety of friends. I love each little group for different reasons and am so lucky to have such beautiful women in my life.
  • Instagram & all its pretty pictures that give me a peek into the lives of so many.
  • This blog. Writing is almost therapeutic to me and the people I have met (whether in person or not) through it are some of my favorite people ever.
  • 20131123-143717.jpgA couch big enough for five.
  • The love of crafting I inherited from my mother.
  • My parents and their unconditional love & support for me and my family.
  • Being nominate for teacher of the year for the first time. I didn’t win & that’s okay because my friend that did truly deserves it. But the recognition was nice and remembering that all teachers are “Teachers of the Year” in their own special way is what really matters.
  • Having a job that I do really love (most days, when there isn’t data to compute or deadlines to meet, and a lesson goes randomly perfect because the kids are engaged and I am actually just getting to teach) and that helps put food on our table & clothes on our backs & a roof over our heads.
  • Having said food on our table, said clothes on our backs, and said roof over our heads.
  • Perfect weather, which is what it looks like we are going to be having this week.
  • Tucker’s love of learning. It wouldn’t surprise me if one day he becomes a teacher (although I bet I will try to talk him out of it) with how much he really does loves school.
  • All the things I forgot to mention, because giving thanks for just twenty things isn’t nearly enough.

*I’m participating in Blogember with A Happy Girl this month. Today’s prompt? 20 things you’re thankful for.

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  1. Karen C says:

    Congrats on the nomination for teacher of the year!

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