A little roasting.

One of the things we did to kick off our Thanksgiving break was have a little roasting party with my parents. We were lucky enough to get some cooler than usual weather during the week we had off & it really set the tone for the holiday. Who doesn’t like enjoying Thanksgiving break in jeans & sweaters & boots? Doesn’t always happen in Florida.

We decided to roast hot dogs for dinner & make s’mores for dessert using our fire pit out back. We love our little patio because Mike built a gorgeous pergola a few years back & we now have the prettiest lights out there that really set the mood when entertaining. They are actually the lights we usually put on the house for Christmas, after last Christmas I had Mike put them out there and told him we’d buy new ones for the house this year.

It was a fun night, a perfect way to kick off the first really cool night of the season (a new tradition brewing? I think so!). The kids made s’mores for the first time (as did my dad, which I find crazy because growing up I spent summers in Michigan at our family cottage on a lake. We had bonfires almost every night, and would roast hot dogs & marshmallows. So, how he never had one before this year blows my mind a bit).

Oh, and no, we didn’t get a dog. That was Molly (our dog that my parents inherited not long after we had Tucker) who came to visit because Lilah and her are fast pals lately. It was a great night & hopefully not the last time we do a little roasting this year!

















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