Christmas crafting: reindeer stenciled shirt


Today we are heading to Mount Dora for the weekend. We are going to start with their Christmas Parade this morning, and enjoy shopping & eating around their cute town during the day. We are staying at a charming bed & breakfast (reminiscent of the hotel in Dirty Dancing if you ask me) and we are going to watch them light up their downtown area tonight.

We haven’t been to Mount Dora at Christmas since Tucker was a baby. The kids are super excited & us adults are as well.

I had found these iron on Christmas tree appliques at Hobby Lobby last month and thought they’d be the easiest thing when making some cute shirts for this girls for the holiday season. I snagged up some shirts from Walmart & went to town on them a few weeks ago. The only down side? They are long sleeve and although we had some nice cool weather last week, it’s going to be in the 80s today.

So I needed an alternative. Cue my recent love affair with reindeer silhouettes.


Supplies you’ll need: a cotton shirt, freezer paper, scissors, a pencil, fabric paint, a foam paintbrush, a thin tipped paintbrush, fabric scraps, a printout of the reindeer (or any thing really) you want to use as a stencil. I made my reindeer with PicMonkey. They have some great holiday stuff right now, including these cute reindeer. I made an image with the reindeer I wanted and printed it out.


The next thing I had to do was to trace the reindeer onto the freezer paper (the matte side) using a pencil.


After that I folded the freezer paper in half with the shiny side in. Since I needed to make two stencils (one for each shirt) and I wanted the reindeer to be facing opposite directions, this made it easiest for creating a stencil. I only needed to cut once in order to get two stencils.


Then, I ironed on the stencil. Remember, you are wanting to remove the reindeer you cut out from the center and iron the outer piece on the shirt so you can paint on the inside. I love using freezer paper for projects like this! & one roll will last you forever!


I chose metallic gold paint for my reindeer.


& stenciled away. I was doing this late at night (how every project seems to happen for me, my brain works best late at night I guess). I used my blow drier to help it dry a little faster. & then removed the stencil by peeling up the freezer paper very slowly.


& then I added a little holly & berries, only because a little paint splattered when I was putting on the red nose. I think it’s the perfect holiday touch though. Oh, and then I finished it off with a little fabric scrap bow (hot glued on, of course!).


Follow me on Instagram (@twinkietotmom) to see a picture (or ten) of the girls in their shirts today and to see all the Christmas fun we are having in Mount Dora during our weekend away!

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