A blog recap: 2013

You know I’ve got to. This blog is very much a part of me, and looking back over the past year here is a must. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be celebrating four years of blogging in just a few days. I doubt I ever dreamed of blogging to become so personal to me when I first started. The friendships that would develop, both in real life & not, because of it. Or the partnerships I’d make with different companies through it. No matter how big I get, or how small I stay with this blogging thing, I think it will always be a part of me.

In 2013, these were the top five most visited posts. I love that my anniversary gift to Mike takes the number one spot. It was something near & dear to me.

One. Copper: Traditional 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Two. Lucky Us Printable

Three. Home Tour

Four. Christmas in our home: the kitchen

Five. WIWW: Back to School

One thing that I love about this blog is how it has evolved over the years. What started out as being a place to share the happenings of raising our twins & toddler with our friends and family has turned into so much more. I love that I have kept the personal touch of my blog, still sharing with you all about raising our kids & life in our family. But, adding things that I love to do like projects & home improvement & teaching ideas make it more my own. Not just about me the mom, but me the person.

I’m so thankful for the readers that have found this place long ago & stuck around over the years. I’m thankful for new readers, too.

I leave you with one last thing. I made a flipagram (all the rage right now, I made one to recap our Christmas season this year first) that goes back over the last year and all the home projects we’ve done in our little home. Our last project of 2013 was adding a screen door to the front of the house & we’ve already got plans for our first project of 2014!

Again, thanks for following us through this journey we call life at Life as we know it…

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  1. Your blog is lovely and I agree it’s fun to see how our sites evolve over the years.

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