Laundry room re-do, before & after.

Before the new year even began, I had an idea of what I wanted our first project of 2014 to be. Besides the garage (Mike is horrible at keeping it clean but has vowed to try better this year, we’ll see!) the laundry/pantry is one of my least favorite parts of our house. Until now that is.

I had decided to take the food out of our pantry in here and put it into four cabinets in the kitchen (two top & two bottom on one side of the kitchen) and put kitchen cooking type stuff (like our waffle maker, mixing bowls, etc.) in there instead. It was a huge improvement and made going in and out of this area a lot less (even though it’s how we get to the garage so we go through this area every day, multiple times).

Once I did that, I knew I was ready for a change in here. When we first bought our house the washer & dryer were side by side until I found out about these inexpensive things you can buy that allow you to stack your front-loading washer & dryer on top of each other. I had Mike do that & hang shelves all along the one side. After a few years, this is what it started to look like:



Unorganized & ugly. No matter how many times I tried to make this area look better, it just wasn’t possible. I’d see these beautiful laundry rooms on Pinterest & just ooh & ahh over them. & then finally, a little idea popped in my head and we were off. Mike’s mom took the kids on the first Saturday of the new year and he and I headed to the hardware store for a little date. Here’s what we did:


Mike framed out a counter top for me using 2×3’s and then added a piece of ready to finish plywood on top. He then framed out two shelves for me, about half the depth of the counter, and this time turned the 2×3’s on their side to make them not has thick as the counter. He added the same plywood to the tops & bottoms of the shelves.




Once he was done with his part of the project, I used interior semi-gloss paint in a dark chocolate color to finish it off. I also repainted the laundry side of the room while I was at it, it was in desperate need of the little face lift. I added a hook on the wall on the right hand side to hang clothes that aren’t fit for the dryer and two hooks on the left hand side to hang my reusable shopping bags.



I ordered a set of baskets off Amazon that came a few days later (gotta love Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!) and found an old chalkboard to add for decoration right now. I plan to keep an eye out for a some cute laundry room decor now that my laundry room is actually one of those cute laundry rooms you see on Pinterest!



& here it is, in action. I love using the counter to fold clothes and I think I’ve actually done more loads of laundry now that I have this sweet space. I may have even hidden in here a few times already when I just needed a few minutes of peace & quiet. Oh, & to give a little more info, the top shelf holds my sewing supplies while the middle shelf holds laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, stain removers, paper towels, swiffer pads, and my dust buster. I added one of our stools to this room and accessing the shelves is super simple thanks to it.


Be on the lookout for parts two & possibly three of the the laundry/room pantry re-do. The other side of this room is the open shelving that holds all those kitchen gadgets now and our AC unit that you are able to see as well. Our plans are to close off the AC unit while giving it a door of some sort for access and to close off the pantry part while adding a bi-fold door there. I can’t wait to see this room all done!


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