Missing the break.

Monday was our first day back to school since December 20th. It was a good day back (my students were still have asleep from the vacation, I think) but a long day. It’s always hard coming back from a break, especially when we were able to do so much resting & relaxing. Many a days we spent in pjs or just lounging around the house.

It was funny, our break started off a little rough (the kids each taking turns being sick right before the break and Lilah’s lasting the longest creeping into our break) with Lilah being very cranky, needy, whiny because we found out she had an ear infection. Once we got antibiotics in her, it was like night & day. She’s our normally strong-willed child & after she was feeling better again I found myself thinking many times, “wow, Lilah is being so good today”. The kids got along well, & had fun playing with their new Christmas goodies, and we spent a lot of time outside. It was just plain ol’ good.

It has me yearning for spring break & summer all that much more!



& please tell me these girls are too stinkin’ cute or what? The leggings just send it over the top.

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  1. Ida says:

    Love the leggings! You are very lucky that you get too have so many breaks with the kids to enjoy our Florida weather!!!
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