A new adventure in inbound marketing.

This little blog of mine has brought me many things over the years.

I started it not knowing any of this would ever happen. Not expecting anything from it besides it being a place where I could write about my kids. But as I learned more & more about blogging it evolved. I evolved.

its just reach inbound marketing teamThrough this little blog of mine I’ve met many people. I’ve made friendships, real & not (and by not I just mean there are people out there that I call my friends and I’ve never even met them in person). I’ve benefited from reviews & giveaways, where fun & free products just show up on my doorstep. I’ve grown in my writing and I’ve honed my eye for what looks visually appealing to myself and others (or at least I hope I have).

& it all started because of my girls. They were born & born early and I needed answers to what to expect. Some of you know this story, some don’t. I googled “29 weeker twins” and “29 weeker twins and a 21 month old at home” and “29 weeker twins in the NICU” in hopes that my questions would be answered. I found another mom out there, I don’t even remember now where she was from, but she had my story. She had lived my life and I could reach out to her for support and answers to my questions. She had a blog and I had found her.

Our life was busy then. The girls were in the NICU, and then they were home, and raising three babies took all I had. By the time the new year swung around though I had made a resolution that I would start blogging, too. Mostly to be able to just write about my kids, to keep a journal of our life, but to also be that person for someone else. Be that google search answer that another mom is out there looking for.

& then it grew.

I learned about the ins & outs of blogging, reached out to those I felt were “experts” in the field, researched online, and even attended small blogging conferences as well. Blogging became not just a hobby but part of my life.

reach inbound marketing

It’s funny how these things grow & evolve without us even expecting them to. It’s funny how something that started out as a hobby could turn into so much more. It’s funny how our story is mapped out long before we even knew it.

That leads us to today. I’m happy to announce that my little hobby has brought me to a place where I get to now do professionally what I’ve been doing personally all these years. I am the new content manager for a local marketing company called Reach. It’s main focus is to specialize in inbound marketing, which is where I come in. I recently became inbound certified and will create content calendars and content for their clients who have blogs set up on their websites. I will help keep their blogs up-to-date with lots of content, specialized to their business, which will then help potential clients find them. It’s all very exciting stuff and the team of people I get to work with is amazing. Each person brings unique skills to the company, with us all having a passion for what we are doing. & yes, I’m still teaching if you were wondering. This position is currently project-based for me, but who knows what the future might bring!

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13 Responses to A new adventure in inbound marketing.

  1. molly says:

    How exciting! I love the opportunities blogging has brought me. I had no idea what it would do for me, both professionally and personally!
    molly recently posted..Stitch Fix #1 | Trying it OutMy Profile

  2. Congratulations! It sounds like a fun opportunity. It’s really wonderful how blogging leads to so much more.
    Shaunna @ Fantastic Fun and Learning recently posted..Fine Motor Activities with Recycled MaterialsMy Profile

  3. Alyson says:

    Congrats, Heather! That is really exciting. Isn’t it amazing what blogging can bring to us. Happy for you!
    Alyson recently posted..hello spring! * free printablesMy Profile

  4. Jackie Smith says:

    How very exciting. It is awesome to see how successful blogs can be. I hope mine will lead me somewhere just as good one day!

  5. Ida says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity to branch out and try something new. I can’t even imagine how crazy it will be with the three kids, teaching and a part-time job but I know you are going to rock at it!!!
    Ida recently posted..Striped for Spring with P.S. from AeropostaleMy Profile

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