Not your normal spring break.

One day, I’ll learn.

Today was our first day of spring break and I chose to spend it painting the girls’ bedroom.

Who does that?! Me, obviously.

I saw people posting pictures of sun, sand, water. Relaxing. And I decided to wake up early, head to Home Depot for a cartload of paint & supplies, and tackle a project that has been on my to-do list since December.

The kids actually helped. I had been telling them since the girls got their new comforter sets that they could help me when I started their room make-over. The minute we got home from Home Depot today the kids were begging to start. They didn’t realize all the prep that goes into painting a room (I think I forgot it at first for a little bit, too) and kept asking, “when can we start painting!?” Once the room was ready, I decked them out in old shirts and let them at it. They actually did a pretty good job. Mike was in charge of helping them refill their rollers with paint while I worked around them making sure they didn’t botch anything too much.


After they did a three foot high by about five foot long section on two walls they were done. One by one they put down their rollers, took a look at themselves and any paint they had on their legs & arms & hands, and got cleaned up and left me to finish. It took a few hours and is now a huge blank slate.

Their new bedding is out and the room is rearranged and it looks bare. I can’t wait to finish getting my hands on it and adding all the finishing touches to their new big girl bedroom. Maybe I wasn’t so crazy when I decided to paint a bedroom on my first day of spring break, because now it’s done and I have the rest of the time to rest, relax. and make my girls happy.



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