A pretty lame spring break.

lame spring breakIt’s 11 pm and I’m curled up on the couch, under my favorite blanket, with my laptop on my lap (fancy that) and Hart of Dixie on the t.v. as I try to catch up on episodes. I’m reading blogs and pinning on Pinterest. All while my parents are on vacation, their last night away spent in Savannah, on their third stop of the night. Some bar called The Rail.

Man, which of us are the old folks right now?!

This spring break we didn’t plan anything fun ourselves. Mike had work, and jury duty, and CPR training. I started something new (in more ways than one). & the kids luckily went along for the ride. A trip to Ikea that I turned fun by “letting” them play in the play area there (while I shopped kid-free) and spending the morning with my MIL today while I attended a meeting. I almost feel a little bad that we didn’t plan anything fun this spring break. Mostly because we haven’t done anything fun as a family lately.

kids at breakfast barTucker has soccer practice tomorrow night and his first game on Saturday morning. Maybe we can sneak something fun in after it. Well, that is if this gloomy Florida weather cooperates with us. We are going to join friends for a movie tomorrow morning, so I guess there’s a little fun left to be had.

One of our New Year’s Resolutions was to plan a nice family vacation this summer. After a pretty lame spring break, I am definitely going to make sure that happens.

Now, where should we go? Any suggestions?

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