Upwards Soccer.

upwards soccerTucker had his first soccer game this morning & while the end score isn’t all that important in Upwards Soccer, his team technically won 6-4. We found Upwards Soccer through some friends and I think its the perfect fit for us just starting out in team sports. They teach the fundamentals of soccer (I think I heard they have basketball and flag football in their league sports as well) but keep the kids grounded in Christ, too. This week, the virtue they were taught was honor. Honoring their parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. The coach’s for the team are from the local Christian college and it’s part of their fellowship to do this.

Before the game started they had all the parents line up and create a tunnel for the kids to run through as the head coach announced the teams and players. The excitement on the kid’s faces was priceless.

upwards soccer

Then, during halftime, they had parents volunteer (I volunteered myself, Mike, and my dad!) play a little game on the field as entertainment for the kids. It was fun and when Tucker jumped in the car after his game and said, “Mom, that was a really good soccer game!” I knew it was all worth it.

He’ll have practice once a week, either on Thursday or Friday evenings, and then one game a week on Saturday mornings for the next two months. So, this is our life now. Just add soccer mom to my ever growing list of job qualifications.

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