3 reasons why parenting is the hardest job.

Lawyers, doctors and rocket scientists don’t have anything on a mom or dad. Your jobs may be hard, but the hardest job anyone can have is that of a parent. Today we were supposed to be celebrating my husband for Father’s Day. He has to work tomorrow (seriously!?) so today was going to be his day. We started with a hearty breakfast and then decided to get back in bed for a little longer while the kids played in pjs. A lazy morning is sometimes the best kind of present. When we finally did get up to continue our day of dad, things went from good to bad in a matter of moments. Here’s 4 reasons why parenting is the hardest job:

  1. Kids play mind games on you. Just when you think that you have the upper hand, they swoop in and pull a fast one on you. “What dad? You said I had to eat all my chicken nuggets before we could leave, but you didn’t say how fast I had to do it.” says the little girl who is staring at the t.v. after she promised to finish her lunch so we could finally leave.
  2. Once you say something, you have to follow through. Telling this same little girl that if she doesn’t eat her chicken nuggets, she’s going to have to stay home while the rest of you go have fun means you have to figure something out when she decides she’s just not going to finish eating. No, you cannot really leave a four year old home alone after trying to trick her by saying that, but you do have to follow through. Which leads me to…
  3. In the end, the parents are the ones who are punished most. So, when threatening to leave a four year old home in hopes to get her to eat her lunch actually fails, one of the parents ends up paying the price. I know, because I’m the one stuck at home now with a little girl (who also doesn’t want to take a nap as her new punishment) typing away rather than spending the day with my family. & my poor husband had his day of fun turn into something not-so-fun instead.

This is not the day we had planned, but when life gives you lemons, you do your best to make lemonade. In the end, I’m hoping Lexie (and the other two) learn that listening to mom & dad is important. We are trying our best to raise our kids to be successful, helpful, productive citizens and in doing so, sometimes we have these moments of parenting that aren’t as fun as some of the other moments. & just maybe the next time we ask one of the kids to finish their lunch so we can go do something together, it will actually goes as planned.

parenting is the hardest job

The little girl who didn’t want to do what we asked, was really just tired & needed a nap we think.

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  1. Ida says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes, I feel way more punished than the kids ever will. We didn’t have such a great Father’s day either, the kids were all being brats, but we have moved on, maybe next year will be better!
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