[First] Christmas in #ourforeverflorida home

I share our home with you every year at Christmas. Heck, I share it multiple times a year. This year is a little different than the last five years though, because it’s our first one in #ourforeverfloridahome.

I’m still figuring out where to put things, and what areas I need to buy a little more Christmas for. Also, our kitchen. Barely decorated. Our kitchen in the old house was probably my favorite part of Christmas decorating and this one? Not so much. That’s only because the kitchen has had very little done to it since moving in. It’s actually the first big project I want us to tackle in the new year. Kitchen reno, here we come.

Without further ado, here’s what Christmas looks like in #ourforeverfloridahome…

Christmas front door Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeEntry Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeEntry bench Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeLiving room at Christmas Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas tree Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeStockings Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeStockings again Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeDining room at Christmas Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas table Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeNativity Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas tin collection Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas playroom Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas playroom more Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas pillows Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeMore Christmas pillows Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeLilah's tree Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeLexie's tree Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeKitchen decorations Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeChristmas mugs Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeTucker's train Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahomeTucker's tree Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahome

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