Two… er, three… posts in 2016.

Pretty sure I win the award for worst blogger this year.

When you blog exactly two times in one year (three if you count this lame post), that’s saying something.

I never expected to get so off track with this place. I mean, I figured it would eventually die off… my kids could only be dubbed ‘twinkies’ and a ‘tater tot’ for so long. But, I never thought I’d stop all together.

2016 has been an interesting year. Not horrible. Not great.

I mean, Mike and I did celebrate 10 years of marriage in July, but other than that, there’s not really been anything too amazing that has happened. Not that life is supposed to be filled with amazing things all the time. I mean, life itself is pretty amazing. The ins and outs of every day can be filled with amazing things, it’s just sometimes hard to see them.

bad blogger award

My kids? Pretty amazing. I mean, they know how to drive me crazy about a million different ways and yet… I still love them. Like a lot.

My husband? He sure puts up with me in an amazing sort of way. When I’m being impatient or impractical. He’s always there.

My friends? They know me at my best and at my worst and still call me their friend… every judge-y face and fake laugh and month passed between text or call.

My parents? I mean, they are the most amazing because at the age of 32 they’re still there for me like they were when I was just three. Garage cleaning, laundry doing, grandparent-ing at its finest when it comes to them.

So… while 2016 has been busy and hectic and full of ups and downs, I realize while it may not have been one of those years that stand out from the rest, it’s done what it should. It’s taken note of everything, each moment being tucked away for later.

It’s one I’ll still remember, and think back on in years to come I’m sure. Not that I’ll remember it for winning the bad blogger award… but if I do figure out a way to get back into my writing groove, this year will certainly stand out from all the rest when it comes to that.

Here’s to just over a month left of 2016 and getting back into the swing of things. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit (okay, maybe don’t tell that to my gym-going habit that has taken a turn for the worse), let’s do this!

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