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An essential oil believer

Up until now, I liked my essential oils. I dabbled in them a few years back when I was asked to do a review. From that experience I mostly got how they helped with my allergies.

I thought about trying more here and there, I’m more about self healing than doctors and medicine and all that jazz. Blame it on my mom. She was never one to rush us to the doctor when I was sick.

Fast forward to this summer. My friend, Arcena, started to dabble in doTERRA herself and invited me to this little essential oils workshop. There was a really good deal going on that month and by the time the night was over I had pretty much ordered one of everything.

Since then I’ve used my oils in the diffuser I got, trying different blends here and there. But it wasn’t until Monday that I became a tried and true believer.

Sunday I had taken the kids to Universal because Mike had to work. We got drizzled on a little bit but mostly enjoyed the cooler (for Florida, it was cooler!) weather and lack of touristy crowds.

That night we had dinner with Mike’s parents and by the end of the evening I was getting a scratchy feeling in my throat. I went to bed early and woke up around 2 am with with a sinus headache and even worse sore throat. I decided to pull up a recipe for the flu bomb (something Arcena and I had just been talking about a few nights before). Along with that I looked up something for a sinus headache, too.

I rubbed a little Frankinscense, Peppermint and Lavender on my forehead and then gargled (and swallowed) On Guard, Melaleuca and Oregano and went back to bed. I woke up the next morning still feeling under the weather and repeated the same thing again before taking the kids to school.

Lucky for me, Monday’s are work from home days, so I curled up on the couch with some tea & honey and my laptop and worked/rested all morning. At lunch I mixed the rest of my flu bomb blend in with my soup (when you gargle with it, it can be a little spicy in your mouth and I wasn’t able to take it all that morning). I took one more dose around dinner time (this time I put it in a capsule and swallowed it like a pill) and that was it.

I had no more sore throat or sinus headache. Not even 24 hours after my symptoms started were they gone. It was really quite amazing.

There’s so much more I could be doing on a daily basis with my essential oils, I just need to take the time to learn it all. But for now, the flu bomb has done it for me, the money I spent in my oils is well worth it knowing I have this in my pocket come time I’m not feeling good again.

Want to learn more? Shoot me an email to and let’s talk.

Parenting, hardest gig you’ll ever have.

I remember when the girls were just babies, someone I know told me that it only gets harder as the kids get older. That the baby years may seem hard but you just don’t know what is coming.

Man, can I attest to that now. Oh how I wish I could go back to the sleepless nights of babyhood.

Parenting school aged kids is so much harder than parenting babies. With babies, your biggest concerns are 1) that they eat enough 2) that they sleep enough and 3) that they poop enough. Honestly, what more do you worry about? lol.

easy parenting

But as kids, especially kids who are starting school, learning to read and write and understand how the world works…there is so much more to worry about. Parenting has got to be the hardest gig you can ever have. Just a few things I worry about on a day-to-day basis…

  • Did they wake up too early?
  • Will it make them cranky at school?
  • Eggos vs Fruit Loops, is one really healthier than the other?
  • Is today dress down day or do they need to have on their uniforms?
  • Did I check their backpacks last night?
  • Was there something they needed to bring in today?
  • Are we going to be late?
  • Will they listen to their teachers or will they misbehave?
  • Do they know what they need to know to get through the lessons they’ll be taught today?
  • Did they brush their teeth?
  • Did I turn off the iron?
  • How much homework do they have today?
  • Will they ever stop fighting?
  • Did I yell too loud?
  • Can I take them for Happy Meals even after I just got on to them?
  • Do I play with them enough?
  • Are they nice to their friends?
  • Are they being nice to each other?
  • Did I clip their nails?
  • Is it time for bed yet?
  • Did I spend enough time with them today?
  • I mean, did I read enough books, answer enough of their questions, say yes instead of no to something they wanted to do even if I didn’t wan to?
  • Did they slip off to sleep thinking about what a great life they actually have?
  • Do they appreciate it? Do they appreciate me?

Seriously. That’s just some of it. Remember what I said earlier, how much more did you worry about when they were babies than 1) are they eating enough 2) are they sleeping enough 3) are they pooping enough?

Now that all three of my kids are solidly in school I’m learning of the increasing difficulty that comes with raising kids. Not only do we have to get through what is required (aka that long list above, including things like feeding them, clothing them, educating them) but they also want to do extra curriculars and have friends outside of just mom and dad and nan & paps and so on. & I know now, I get it, it’s only going to get worse.

hard parenting

Every day I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, to be a good mom, a good wife, a good coworker, a good daughter…the list goes on & on really. But of them all I struggle most with the mom part of it. Being a good mom is hard. Walking that fine line of making sure everything gets done that needs to and being fun mom. One of the biggest things I personally focus on is having a solid routine. From the time the kids get up, to the time the kids go to bed, they pretty much know what to expect. Sometimes I wonder if it’s too much of a routine (again, walking that fine line).

I tuck the kids in at night (sometimes them tucking themselves in, because you know, they are big enough to do that now) and just wonder how I’d get rated on a scale of 1-10 for the day. & when it’s a bad day, I wonder just how I can make up for it tomorrow. I’m 99% sure this is something most moms struggle with, even the moms we think come across as super moms on Instagram.

So, here’s to all my fellow super moms out there. I get it, I get you, I get this whole hardest-job-in-the-world thing. & I just hope that in the end my kids will know they were loved, will grow up to be a smidge successful and eventually have the same struggle I have on a daily basis when it comes to this whole raising kids thing.

#wiww, transitioning into fall…

I haven’t shared one of these in quite some time.

Maybe it’s because my favorite time of year to dress for has got to be the fall. Boots, scarves and bundling up. Everything looks feels cozy & looks cozy. Don’t let me confuse you though, this is not a fall outfit yet. Not in Florida.

It will be at least another month before I can start to cozy up, although I did bust out a light scarf on the first day of fall to add to the shirt dress I wore that day. Until then, here’s one of my “transitioning into fall…” outfits for you.

wiww transitioning into fall

Top: Hmm, not sure. Dress leggings: Target. Sandals: Target. Necklace: Stella & Dot.

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Officially official.

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