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Timehop on Tuesday


I don’t know about you, but going back to work after a long weekend off is hard to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job & what I do. & I love having some time to soak up a little R&R with my family. But having to come back from that time with them and catch up on all that didn’t get done work-wise is the pits.

After we got home from me picking the kids up from school today, I set them up with a snack and Free Willy in the living room (they love watching movies in there, since their normal space to do this is the playroom) and I worked my heart out. Mike worked late today (also to catch up from the three day weekend) which made it easy for me to get some extra work done, too.

I finally wrapped up a little after 7 and decided I needed to veg for a few minutes. My go-tos during veg time are usually Instagram, Pinterest & Timehop. Well, today’s Timehop certainly hit the spot. It was filled with a ton of great memories and the most adorable pictures of my kids. I sure do love getting to take a little walk down memory lane on any given day. It also reminded me of this Memorial Day post that I had done last year. Just tell me you don’t agree?!












Week three (and a half…) in #ourforeverfloridahome


It’s been a busy week, hence not getting to this until about halfway to week four. We’ve been working on lots of odds & ends this week. I have about four boxes left to unpack of decorations, but most of them I’m not really sure where to put.

I started painting doors this weekend, dark doors like our old house. We got a couch & loveseat for the living room and a new tv (presents to ourselves, can you guess which was my pick and which was Mike’s?!) and all spaces are really coming together.

The next thing I want to do on our list of projects is the floors. We’re going to do a wood vinyl throughout, since Rosie will be coming home to us soon (do you spy her in the pictures below???). By soon, I mean Friday. We’ll see how Lilah does with our new addition!

















Week two in #ourforeverfloridahome

Two weeks in and it’s like we’ve always been here. What’s even better about that? The memories we get to make in this house that we really haven’t yet.

Most every room in the house is done. & by done I mean that the boxes for each room are unpacked and things are set up and we are able to function like life as normal. But done does not mean DONE.

Trust me, there is a list a mile long of projects I have for this house, to really make it OURS.

Right now, the biggest thing on my list is finding a sectional for the living room, because that room is no where near done in any sort of the word. It is actually just a collect all for anything that is not unpacked or put away, hung up or decorated with yet.

But, I thought you might still love a peek into the rooms of our new house. So, here goes the first tour of #ourforeverfloridahome….enjoy!

My office My office The kitchen Lexie's room Lexie's room Lexie's room Girls' bathroom Girls' bathroom Lilah's room Lilah's room Our room Our room Our room Our bathroom Our room The playroom The playroom The playroom The dining room The dining room The unfinished living room The kitchen Tucker's room Tucker's room Tucker's room Tucker's bathroom

Week one in #ourforeverflorida home

  I blogged about our first home a lot. I mean, just look at all these posts. & I’m so glad I did. That house was special to us, our first real home and a place we poured a lot of love into. However, I never blogged about it on a regular basis like some DIYContinue Reading

The making of #ourforeverfloridahome

As I sit on the couch, wearing my “I should blog this…” t-shirt and eating a Taco Bell Cantina bowl, in the middle of a house that is about 95% packed up, I realized, “Um, ya. I really should blog this.” It’s been a crazy month+ for us and if you know me in realContinue Reading

Mount a KFC Popcorn Chicken “Nugget-vention”

Any parent knows that at one point or another in the raising of your children, you go through a phase where they only eat a number of items. It’s funny though, because while each of my kids has their own preferences, they definitely have a limited number of things that they are willing to eatContinue Reading

wiww: a new ‘do

This week’s wiww will be short & sweet. Rather than feature what I’m actually wearing, I’m going to feature my new ‘do this week. Hair do, that is. Which, when I say it like that, hair do…it makes me wonder if that is the grammatically correct way to spell it? Isn’t it funny how thereContinue Reading

A picture is worth a thousand words…

…or so they say. This one sure is.

wiww: comfort in “winter”

I mention, comfort in “winter” with big fat quotation marks around the W word because in Florida we never really have winter. This year though, I’d say its been more seasonable than usual. I’ve definitely worn more sweaters, scarfs and boots than in years past. Which I don’t mind a bit, however, from time toContinue Reading

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