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Merry Christmas… a day late and our simple holiday card

You may remember the Christmas card outtake photo I shared on Thanksgiving. The one where the kids are distracted and Mike looks super annoyed at taking photos.

Not all of the pictures taken that day turned out the same. We actually got quite a few good photos of us, the kids, the girls, the boys. Little Man even got into them (even if he’s not really looking in most of them).

I decided quite a few years ago that I take enough photos of the kids that getting official family photos isn’t top priority for me. Most of the time I just try to pull out the good camera when we’re dressed up for something, and Thanksgiving this year was the perfect excuse to try to take a few photos for cards this year… and I missed out on getting them ready for Christmas, so they turned into a holiday card instead.

A few semi-coordinating outfits, a distressed backyard fence, and smiles (if I’ve done anything right as a mom, I’ve trained my kids on taking photos).

New Years cards







So there ya have it. Family photos on the easy. Merry Christmas (a day late or so) and Happy New Year!

Decking the halls…

Per tradition, I’ve spent this weekend decking the halls of our home in preparation for Christmas.

Last year is actually the first year that I’ve ever decorated before Thanksgiving, and while I was tempted to do it again this year, I held out. Last Christmas was our first Christmas in this house and I think I just got really excited about seeing our decorations in this space and making our first Christmas memories in #ourforeverfloridahome.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane…

A few photos (and the full tour) of our first Christmas in this home:

Christmas front door Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahome

Entry Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahome Christmas tree #ourforeverfloridahome

And while we’re taking a peek at Christmases past, let’s look at our last Christmas in our first home (or at least a highlight of that last December there, I guess my blogging was declining then, I never did a big post on just Christmas in the house that year). Decorating that house for Christmas was one of the things I loved most. Mostly I loved decorating the kitchen (after we made it over) and the faux fireplace. A faux fireplace is something I do miss in this house, no mantle to hang the stockings from.





I’m not quite done decorating this year, but once I am, a tour will come. Especially since this year there have been some big changes in our home, like the kitchen remodel and the dining room make over. This is also the first year I’ve ever made up a styled tree. You know the kind… color coordinated, matching ornaments. Normally our tree is all family ornaments, very sentimental (don’t worry, we’ve kept that tree, it’s just been moved to the playroom. I wanted a full sized tree in the playroom since we have the big corner windows to the front of the house in there) and traditional.

This year I decided since we were moving that tree into the playroom, that I’d buy a new tree for the living room and make it more of a piece of decoration. It was fun to do and possibly not finished yet. Pictures to come!

More firsts in #ourforeverfloridahome

It’s finally that time of year. The holidays are here, well, they’ve been here for some time. I shared with you what Christmas looks like in our new home a few weeks back. A few things have been added since then, a few things moved, just figuring out where I want everything.

What I really can’t wait for though are the firsts that will take place over the next few days in this new home. The first time we put on our Christmas pajamas (the kids get them every year, and sometimes Mike and I get some new ones, too. I forgot to buy us some this year and I finished the last of my shopping earlier today. I have no plans to go anywhere near a store in the next 48+ hours so it looks like old jammies for the two of us this year). I can’t wait to tuck the kids in on Christmas eve, for the first time in this house. Waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents under the Christmas tree and welcoming family to our home is another first I’m looking forward to.

I cleaned the house from top to bottom this morning. Mike helped and so did the kids. We went through their rooms, a tradition of ours, searching for toys we can donate to some boys & girls in need. We are ready for the next few days, to say the least.

This Christmas is a little different than others though because we’ll be heading out bright and early the day after to drive down to Siesta Key for my cousin’s wedding. They are from Michigan and decided to have a beach wedding, this December couldn’t be any more perfect for it with the weather we’ve been having lately.

So, from our family to yours, here’s to a Merry Christmas filled with love & joy and anything else you’ve been wishing for!

Joy sign cookies from our elf on the shelf baking Christmas cookies countdown to Christmas Tucker and the great Light Fight one cold day in Florida #firstdayofwinter #floridawinter last days of Christmas

[First] Christmas in #ourforeverflorida home

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A little belated Christmas message…

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Elf on the Shelf & my thoughts this year.

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One Apple watch versus another.

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The stuff dreams are made of.

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Christmas morning 2013.

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