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In need of a little project time.

I started redoing the girls’ room during spring break. We painted, rearranged the furniture, and put out their new bedding. Since then I haven’t done much more. A few accessory pieces here or there and that is about it.

There is a lot I still need to do, I just haven’t had the time to do it. I’m hoping once summer starts I can get a little project time in. Here’s a little bit of what it looks like right now.


I picked up these desks from Ikea. They are really part of a storage system, but work out perfectly for the girls. I love them because the set up we have here (with the shelf above) is just like my desk. Something that the girls love, too.


I love when I find the girls in this space, just enjoying it.


Can you tell they love these twirly dresses? This was before we went to a party and they were testing them out. On this wall is their dresser. I want to paint the drawer fronts, I was thinking ombre with shades of turquoise.


The butterfly garland was made by my mom. I love it. The two orange hearts represent the girls. The gallery wall isn’t finished. I need a few more prints and to change up a few things, as well. On the bird canvas I plan to repaint it white and do some polka dots (something I saw on Pinterest).


I also want to put the girls’ names above their beds, just under the butterfly garland. I’m thinking about doing it with scrapbook paper and stringing it on something pretty (ribbon or yarn).

So, that’s that. Now I just need to get the project bug back and get on it. I think the last project I really worked on around the house was their room, so that is a little odd. Usually I’m raring to go when it comes to DIY around the house. Gotta get out of the funk.

Not your normal spring break.

One day, I’ll learn.

Today was our first day of spring break and I chose to spend it painting the girls’ bedroom.

Who does that?! Me, obviously.

I saw people posting pictures of sun, sand, water. Relaxing. And I decided to wake up early, head to Home Depot for a cartload of paint & supplies, and tackle a project that has been on my to-do list since December.

The kids actually helped. I had been telling them since the girls got their new comforter sets that they could help me when I started their room make-over. The minute we got home from Home Depot today the kids were begging to start. They didn’t realize all the prep that goes into painting a room (I think I forgot it at first for a little bit, too) and kept asking, “when can we start painting!?” Once the room was ready, I decked them out in old shirts and let them at it. They actually did a pretty good job. Mike was in charge of helping them refill their rollers with paint while I worked around them making sure they didn’t botch anything too much.


After they did a three foot high by about five foot long section on two walls they were done. One by one they put down their rollers, took a look at themselves and any paint they had on their legs & arms & hands, and got cleaned up and left me to finish. It took a few hours and is now a huge blank slate.

Their new bedding is out and the room is rearranged and it looks bare. I can’t wait to finish getting my hands on it and adding all the finishing touches to their new big girl bedroom. Maybe I wasn’t so crazy when I decided to paint a bedroom on my first day of spring break, because now it’s done and I have the rest of the time to rest, relax. and make my girls happy.



A clean home & kids.

In my book, a clean home is a happy home. Honestly. I think my all time favorite thing about our home is how it feels when it is clean. Having three kids (four if you count my husband, really the biggest kid of all) makes it hard sometimes to actually keep as clean as I’d like. I clean up one room, walk away, and come back to another mess. Just minutes after I had just cleaned up sometimes!

I learned early on that I wasn’t the kind of parent to just let a room stay a mess. When the kids were little I would clean up at nap times and then again at bedtime every day. Our playroom is open to our whole house (not a room where I can just close the door to) and I didn’t want to look at toys strewn all over all day long. It was one thing to see them out & being played with, but to let it stay a mess while the kids were asleep was something I just couldn’t do. The funny thing is, the kids have picked up on this over the years and they now know what is expected before naps (when we actually still lay down to take one from time to time), when we are leaving the house, or before bed. They know where things go and they are usually (they are still kids and of course not always willing) game for picking up their messes when it’s time.

Heck, as I sit here right now typing this out I can hear Tucker in the playroom, dumping a bin of blocks I think, and Lilah said, “guys, you are going to have to clean that up!”. Man, do they know their momma well.

I don’t think I have jeopardized any of the fun my kids can have my expecting them to help keep a tidy home. I think mostly I have instilled in them responsibility and taking care of things that are important to you. What is your take on a clean home & kids? I’d love to hear.

This little video is our clean home yesterday. We had off for Rodeo Day (our little county has celebrated Rodeo Day over Presidents day for before I can even remember. I know, crazy, but such a fun tradition) and the first thing I did was clean the house. I love getting the house cleaned from top to bottom before a weekend, because then I can devote my time to the kids & our family enjoying time in the little space we call home.

Target does it again.

I mentioned my most recent Target deal a little bit yesterday. Mike and I had just popped into Target on Saturday to get a Starbucks Java Chip (his new favorite since trying it back in September) and try to find Aladdin on DVD for the kids. Lucky for us, we found a few aisles ofContinue Reading

Laundry room re-do, before & after.

Before the new year even began, I had an idea of what I wanted our first project of 2014 to be. Besides the garage (Mike is horrible at keeping it clean but has vowed to try better this year, we’ll see!) the laundry/pantry is one of my least favorite parts of our house. Until nowContinue Reading

Christmas in our home: the dining room.

Next up on our holiday home tour (and probably the last stop, the kids have a few decorations in their rooms but it just depends on if I get pictures of them or not if I share) is our dining room. This space is right off of the playroom and I love looking at itContinue Reading

Christmas in our home: the living room.

I’m a little behind on the home tour, it’s been a busy week. Getting through these two weeks that lead up to the Christmas break with 21 rowdy fourth graders is quite the task. It’s like they are losing their minds. I’ve needed to take a few more pictures of the house, now that theContinue Reading

Christmas in our home: the playroom.

I didn’t take too many shots of the playroom this year, but here’s a little sneak peek. If I have time (or get home when the lighting is good enough any time soon) I plan to take a few more pictures and update. Our playroom is off of our dining room, so you’ll see aContinue Reading

Christmas in our home: the kitchen

I love decorating our home for every holiday (& I think my kids love it even more than I do) but Christmas has got to be the most fun holiday to decorate for. It’s something about twinkling lights & the cozy feeling the house takes on once all the decorations are in place. My kitchenContinue Reading

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