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My saving grace.

The kids used to have one of those prefab wood playgrounds. It was something my inlaws had gotten them one Christmas at our suggestion. It worked out well for a while, a slide, a few swings and a little “clubhouse” feel to it. This summer though, we realized it was on it’s last leg. Mike took it down towards the end of summer and we’ve been debating about what to do ever since.

A few weeks ago, after getting a little taste of fall here in Florida, I decided we needed to finally make up our minds. After school a few days, I wanted to be able to just open up the back door and have the kids play, but I knew there really wasn’t anything out there that would keep them occupied all that long.

When I asked Mike if he was ready to build something for the kids, he was game. I’m lucky he agrees to my crazy ideas so quickly. Tucker had soccer practice on Saturday morning, and then the rest of our weekend was spent building the kids a clubhouse of their dreams. I know this, because I totally would have loved a little space like this when I was their age.





I had put on Instagram this, “So the kids just closed on a one room, with a view and a pretty fancy side door. It’s a fixer upper, needs a fresh coat of bright green paint on the inside, the front porch needs some fresh white rails and maybe a hanging basket & a potted plant. Furniture to come, too.”

We’ve got a lot left to do. Mike only did one side of the rail (you can see how the right side is just laying in place) because he ran out of the right screws. Once he’s done with what he has to do, I’m going to pain the inside of it a fun (& bright) green. I think it was called Granny Smith Green maybe. We’ll decorate the inside with a few stools from Ikea and a spool table (I’ve had these big spools in the garage for a while and haven’t done anything with them yet). The porch rails will get painted white, I’ll add a few potted plants to their porch and probably a little landscaping to hide the cinder blocks. I also need to finish the curtains, I just threw them up tonight to get an idea of what they need to look like.

Eventually it will all come together.

& to get an idea of where my idea came from (and kind of how I’d like it all to look in the end):


Is this not the most adorable “handmade hideaway” as she calls it over at The Handmade Home!? Ours will hopefully be a close second when all is said and done. & mostly. I can’t wait for it to be my saving grace come this fall when the weather is nice and the doors are open in the afternoons after school. I’m sure I’ll have to drag the kids in each night. ::fingers crossed::

Teacher Appreciation Week, continued…

For day two of Teacher Appreciation Week, the kids and I baked up some sweet treats. We used a recipe from an IG friend, the most amazing recipe ever! Honestly, every single person I gave cookies to (the kid’s teachers, my team, and a few other teachers/staff at my school that helped me out one day last week) all raved about how good they were. A few even had triple & quadruple servings (I’ll leave you nameless! Haha!).

So, it’s fair to say that they cookies were a great treat to give. Someone on my IG commented about being told teachers never eat baked goods from kids. For us, seeing as I teach at the same school my kids go, I’m pretty certain they trust our homemade goodies. & being a teacher, I totally know which kids I’d eat homemade goodies from & which ones I wouldn’t. Ha!

So, if you haven’t thanked a teacher yet this week, maybe send in a sweet treat! My friend, Elizabeth (fellow teacher, momma, blogger, super woman extraordinaire) at Sam and Scout, shares some other great ideas, as well! Check them out!

Teacher Appreciation WeekSuper cute smart cookie printable from here.

Nanmade with love.

If you’ve followed me on here, or IG, or Facebook, you know my mom makes these gorgeous handmade goodies. Crochet & knit, it all is amazing. In my house alone I have garland (heart, groundhog, & shamrocks just to start), tons of scarves, minion hats & kitty hats (& more hats than that), and even rugs! The stuff she makes is amazing.


I know it, and so many others know it, too. I know this because lots of people have asked about her goodies, and quite a few have gotten lucky and scored a few freebies. But, the day of freebies is over (unless you stick around for a giveaway in a few weeks right here!) because I finally talked her into setting up shop!


That’s right. My mom is an official small business and Nanmade with Love. really is made with love by nan.

You can follow her on FB and see more of the goods she has to offer (and there is tons more coming. I was just at her house (I’m her business manager I guess you could say!) and we made a list of new products she wants to post in the weeks to come). Just send her a message and she can get your order started!

Cinnamon swirl bread

This is a recipe that I got from Pampered Chef years ago. I think it was Tucker’s first Christmas when I baked loaves of this bread to give as gifts to our family & friends (ever since we were married, I’ve done homemade gifts and love it). & I think it’s honestly been about thatContinue Reading

Christmas crafting: reindeer stenciled shirt

Today we are heading to Mount Dora for the weekend. We are going to start with their Christmas Parade this morning, and enjoy shopping & eating around their cute town during the day. We are staying at a charming bed & breakfast (reminiscent of the hotel in Dirty Dancing if you ask me) and weContinue Reading

Homemade facial or baby wipes

Man, I wish I had found this recipe back when we used baby wipes like they were going out of style. I honestly think we should have taken stock in wipes (we totally used way more wipes than we used diapers when the kids were babies). Those things are miracle workers, I tell ya. TheseContinue Reading

Homemade Dryer Sheets

Yesterday I shared the recipe for homemade fabric softener. Today, using leftovers from that HUGE batch of fabric softener, you can make “dryer sheets” as well. Dryer sheets are probably what I buy & use the least when it comes to laundry. It’s just one of those “extras”, you know, something you don’t NEED inContinue Reading

Homemade Fabric Softener

Next up on the homemade list? Fabric Softener. What you need? 6 cups water, 2 cups conditioner, 3 cups vinegar, another pretty bottle (mine, again from Ikea). I would actually cut this batch in half next time, it makes a TON of fabric softener. What you need to do? In a large bowl, whisk togetherContinue Reading

Homemade Laundry Detergent

First up on my list of made at home products? Homemade laundry detergent. This was actually the first thing I saw on Pinterest that I wanted to make at home. Why you ask? Simply to have a cute glass jar with pretty white powder in it sitting in my laundry room. Too bad my laundryContinue Reading