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Two… er, three… posts in 2016.

Pretty sure I win the award for worst blogger this year.

When you blog exactly two times in one year (three if you count this lame post), that’s saying something.

I never expected to get so off track with this place. I mean, I figured it would eventually die off… my kids could only be dubbed ‘twinkies’ and a ‘tater tot’ for so long. But, I never thought I’d stop all together.

2016 has been an interesting year. Not horrible. Not great.

I mean, Mike and I did celebrate 10 years of marriage in July, but other than that, there’s not really been anything too amazing that has happened. Not that life is supposed to be filled with amazing things all the time. I mean, life itself is pretty amazing. The ins and outs of every day can be filled with amazing things, it’s just sometimes hard to see them.

bad blogger award

My kids? Pretty amazing. I mean, they know how to drive me crazy about a million different ways and yet… I still love them. Like a lot.

My husband? He sure puts up with me in an amazing sort of way. When I’m being impatient or impractical. He’s always there.

My friends? They know me at my best and at my worst and still call me their friend… every judge-y face and fake laugh and month passed between text or call.

My parents? I mean, they are the most amazing because at the age of 32 they’re still there for me like they were when I was just three. Garage cleaning, laundry doing, grandparent-ing at its finest when it comes to them.

So… while 2016 has been busy and hectic and full of ups and downs, I realize while it may not have been one of those years that stand out from the rest, it’s done what it should. It’s taken note of everything, each moment being tucked away for later.

It’s one I’ll still remember, and think back on in years to come I’m sure. Not that I’ll remember it for winning the bad blogger award… but if I do figure out a way to get back into my writing groove, this year will certainly stand out from all the rest when it comes to that.

Here’s to just over a month left of 2016 and getting back into the swing of things. They say it takes 30 days to make a habit (okay, maybe don’t tell that to my gym-going habit that has taken a turn for the worse), let’s do this!

Timehop on Tuesday


I don’t know about you, but going back to work after a long weekend off is hard to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job & what I do. & I love having some time to soak up a little R&R with my family. But having to come back from that time with them and catch up on all that didn’t get done work-wise is the pits.

After we got home from me picking the kids up from school today, I set them up with a snack and Free Willy in the living room (they love watching movies in there, since their normal space to do this is the playroom) and I worked my heart out. Mike worked late today (also to catch up from the three day weekend) which made it easy for me to get some extra work done, too.

I finally wrapped up a little after 7 and decided I needed to veg for a few minutes. My go-tos during veg time are usually Instagram, Pinterest & Timehop. Well, today’s Timehop certainly hit the spot. It was filled with a ton of great memories and the most adorable pictures of my kids. I sure do love getting to take a little walk down memory lane on any given day. It also reminded me of this Memorial Day post that I had done last year. Just tell me you don’t agree?!












The most magical place on Earth.

Our house is silent right now. A silly chick flick on while I sit under a blanket on the couch. Still in my pjs. Kids napping away in their rooms. Us just resting & relaxing.

All because we spent 12 hours at the most magical place on Earth yesterday. We walked 13.7 miles around Magic Kingdom according to Mike’s pedometer app. & we loved every minute of it.

It was a surprise to the kids. The last time we had been there the girls were almost a year & a half old and Tucker had just turned three. The girls have been asking a lot lately about when we could go back to Disney again so we decided to do it. They woke up Saturday morning knowing we were going somewhere fun but not knowing where exactly. The fact that we were all donned in Mickey or Minnie apparel, Tucker decided we must be going on a Disney Cruise (haha, big let down there then!).

Yet, they were still excited the minute we drove under the big Magic Kingdom sign on the Disney property. It was perfect weather (a little overcast in the morning and a little cooler than Mike would have liked since he decided not to bring a sweater) but a bit more crowded than we had hoped. However, every ride we went on was less than the time signs said and we waited no more than 30 minutes for anything.

Here’s a peek into our day:




































A blog recap: 2013

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Welcoming a new year.

As I (and my kids) grow older, I get more giddy with each new year that creeps up on us. As much as I love decorating the house for Christmas, by the end of the holiday season, I’m grateful to tuck it all away, clean the house, and start a fresh year with a cleanContinue Reading

The stuff dreams are made of.

This was the second year in a row that we got to stay home for Christmas. When you have little ones, you know how important that is sometimes. All they really want to do is enjoy their new goodies and in years past we’d travel from one family Christmas to the next and be exhaustedContinue Reading

Christmas morning 2013.

It’s sweet how magical Christmas morning is with young kids. The anticipation leading up to opening their presents left from Santa, and the little twinkle in their eyes as they talk about the big guy. It’s also pretty amazing how quickly they can tear through all those presents that are left under the tree, recordContinue Reading

A tradition.

Every year, after coming home from Christmas Eve Mass & dinner with Mike’s family, we hurry to change into pajamas and take our family picture under the Christmas tree before tucking into bed for the night. I love this sweet tradition we’ve made because it is so simple. The kids were eager to get intoContinue Reading

Christmas Getaway, part two.

On Sunday, we took our time getting ready and headed to the main house of our B&B for breakfast before checking out. After breakfast the kids wanted to play some more on the great wooden playground in Mount Dora and we eventually strolled through the town, stopping in a few of the stores that wereContinue Reading