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In need of a little project time.

I started redoing the girls’ room during spring break. We painted, rearranged the furniture, and put out their new bedding. Since then I haven’t done much more. A few accessory pieces here or there and that is about it.

There is a lot I still need to do, I just haven’t had the time to do it. I’m hoping once summer starts I can get a little project time in. Here’s a little bit of what it looks like right now.


I picked up these desks from Ikea. They are really part of a storage system, but work out perfectly for the girls. I love them because the set up we have here (with the shelf above) is just like my desk. Something that the girls love, too.


I love when I find the girls in this space, just enjoying it.


Can you tell they love these twirly dresses? This was before we went to a party and they were testing them out. On this wall is their dresser. I want to paint the drawer fronts, I was thinking ombre with shades of turquoise.


The butterfly garland was made by my mom. I love it. The two orange hearts represent the girls. The gallery wall isn’t finished. I need a few more prints and to change up a few things, as well. On the bird canvas I plan to repaint it white and do some polka dots (something I saw on Pinterest).


I also want to put the girls’ names above their beds, just under the butterfly garland. I’m thinking about doing it with scrapbook paper and stringing it on something pretty (ribbon or yarn).

So, that’s that. Now I just need to get the project bug back and get on it. I think the last project I really worked on around the house was their room, so that is a little odd. Usually I’m raring to go when it comes to DIY around the house. Gotta get out of the funk.

Valentines Day Ideas & More.

With a couple of holidays coming up in February (I say that because Mike’s birthday is on Groundhog’s Day & he expects us to celebrate it & his birthday. He really thinks people should be putting inflatable groundhogs in their yard like they do snowmen at Christmas) I thought I’d share some fun things we’ve done in the past while I figure out what new things we’ll do this year still.


Groundhog’s Day pudding cups

We go together like milk & cookies Valentines idea

Have a super day Valentines idea


Felt roses & hearts Valentine decorations

Fun mustache Valentine idea

Laundry room re-do, before & after.

Before the new year even began, I had an idea of what I wanted our first project of 2014 to be. Besides the garage (Mike is horrible at keeping it clean but has vowed to try better this year, we’ll see!) the laundry/pantry is one of my least favorite parts of our house. Until now that is.

I had decided to take the food out of our pantry in here and put it into four cabinets in the kitchen (two top & two bottom on one side of the kitchen) and put kitchen cooking type stuff (like our waffle maker, mixing bowls, etc.) in there instead. It was a huge improvement and made going in and out of this area a lot less (even though it’s how we get to the garage so we go through this area every day, multiple times).

Once I did that, I knew I was ready for a change in here. When we first bought our house the washer & dryer were side by side until I found out about these inexpensive things you can buy that allow you to stack your front-loading washer & dryer on top of each other. I had Mike do that & hang shelves all along the one side. After a few years, this is what it started to look like:



Unorganized & ugly. No matter how many times I tried to make this area look better, it just wasn’t possible. I’d see these beautiful laundry rooms on Pinterest & just ooh & ahh over them. & then finally, a little idea popped in my head and we were off. Mike’s mom took the kids on the first Saturday of the new year and he and I headed to the hardware store for a little date. Here’s what we did:


Mike framed out a counter top for me using 2×3’s and then added a piece of ready to finish plywood on top. He then framed out two shelves for me, about half the depth of the counter, and this time turned the 2×3’s on their side to make them not has thick as the counter. He added the same plywood to the tops & bottoms of the shelves.




Once he was done with his part of the project, I used interior semi-gloss paint in a dark chocolate color to finish it off. I also repainted the laundry side of the room while I was at it, it was in desperate need of the little face lift. I added a hook on the wall on the right hand side to hang clothes that aren’t fit for the dryer and two hooks on the left hand side to hang my reusable shopping bags.



I ordered a set of baskets off Amazon that came a few days later (gotta love Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!) and found an old chalkboard to add for decoration right now. I plan to keep an eye out for a some cute laundry room decor now that my laundry room is actually one of those cute laundry rooms you see on Pinterest!



& here it is, in action. I love using the counter to fold clothes and I think I’ve actually done more loads of laundry now that I have this sweet space. I may have even hidden in here a few times already when I just needed a few minutes of peace & quiet. Oh, & to give a little more info, the top shelf holds my sewing supplies while the middle shelf holds laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, stain removers, paper towels, swiffer pads, and my dust buster. I added one of our stools to this room and accessing the shelves is super simple thanks to it.


Be on the lookout for parts two & possibly three of the the laundry/room pantry re-do. The other side of this room is the open shelving that holds all those kitchen gadgets now and our AC unit that you are able to see as well. Our plans are to close off the AC unit while giving it a door of some sort for access and to close off the pantry part while adding a bi-fold door there. I can’t wait to see this room all done!


Christmas crafting: reindeer stenciled shirt

Today we are heading to Mount Dora for the weekend. We are going to start with their Christmas Parade this morning, and enjoy shopping & eating around their cute town during the day. We are staying at a charming bed & breakfast (reminiscent of the hotel in Dirty Dancing if you ask me) and weContinue Reading

Lucky Us Printable

Last week I shared the gift I made for Mike for our 7th wedding anniversary. I’ve gotten quite a few requests for the Lucky Us printable, so decided to make it available to you. Makes it much easier than having to email it out to all interested, I’m just so glad so many of youContinue Reading

Copper: Traditional 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

When I looked up what the tradition gift was for a 7th wedding anniversary, I found copper & wool as the answer. Seeing as it’s the dead of summer, I figured something in wool wouldn’t really be fitting, but figured I could do something with copper. After looking on Pinterest (of course) I put aContinue Reading

WIWW: Tie Dye for Summer

I know I keep mentioning our summer bucket list, get used to it, I’ll be blabbing about it & the things we do all summer. First up on our list? We tie dyed shirts. I had seen someone on instagram do it last summer and tucked it away for this year, knowing the kids wouldContinue Reading

A Family Heirloom.

My grandma recently moved out of her little apartment, the one she moved into after my grandfather passed away, and back into the house she lived in my entire life. My aunt has been living in this house these past few years and now grandma is back. Because of this move, she decided to startContinue Reading

Nana’s Helping Hands.

Every year for Mother’s Day I try to come up with something handmade to give my mom & Mike’s mom from the kids. Last year I made these (I think they are my favorite gift so far, and something I want to make for our playroom & just haven’t yet). This year, my friend MelissaContinue Reading

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