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Officially official.

I’m not sure how long this quote will hold true for me, but for now it is.


If you had told me two years ago that today I’d be NOT starting another school year this year, I wouldn’t have believed you. This year though, it’s official.

My resignation was ratified at one of the last school board meetings, I’m officially no longer a teacher.

I mean, let’s get honest. A part of me will always be a teacher. When I see those back-to-school posts by my teacher friends, they’ll pull at my heart a little. When I see those 165 days of school down, still another 15 days of school to go, how the heck are we going to do it posts, they’ll make me smile because I’ll be reminded of years of thinking the same thing. When I see those last day of school posts, they’ll make me remember all the feelings, happy & sad, of another year in the books.

But, I’m not a teacher anymore. I’m a content manager. A marketer. A social media strategist. A part of something that started out small & is growing oh, so big.

My days aren’t measured in 180 anymore. I don’t have the same kind of firsts & lasts I once had. & long gone are leisure summer breaks. But if you asked me today if I saw myself doing anything different now, my answer? No way.

So here’s to all my teacher friends, the ones I’ll always share a little part of myself with…happy back-to-school! But always remember, you’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be. Whether it means a new job entirely, a new grade, a new school…the skies the limit!


First Day of School: 2014.

It’s that time of year again. You know, the one where overly proud parents post annoying pictures of their kids on the first day back to school. Yup, consider me one of those parents because here is my kid’s back-to-school pictures.


I cannot believe I’m the parent of a first grader and two kindergarteners. That all three kids are in school full time. & that I’m not there to see them all day, every day. It’s been a bittersweet couple of days for me. I love my new job, but I’m adjusting to how different this time of the year is for me now compared to how it’s been for the past 9 years. It’s a big change. But a good change. & luckily, since the kids are going to the school I taught at for the last 8 years, I have tons of people with their eyes on them. I feel so at ease leaving them there in the care of people that were not only my colleagues but my friends.

The girls loved their first day of school (they actually had today off though due to staggered start in our county. They’ll go back tomorrow and resume the normal school schedule with the rest of the kids) and couldn’t believe how much work is involved in kindergarten! Ha! Gotta love this age.

Lexie has Tucker’s kindergarten teacher, which is great because you get to love your child’s teacher and then have to start all over the next year, this way we get to keep loving on her and all she does for our kids for a whole ‘nother year! Lilah has the teacher right next door to Lexie, a sweet teacher that will know just how to work her magic on our strong willed girl.

Tucker has one of my best friends as his teacher this year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This means he’s no longer in enrichment (a choice I made because of the teacher I wanted him to have) but he’s got such a solid foundation for school after last year that I know he will do great this year. One drawback is that his whole class form kindergarten is still together in the first grade enrichment class and he’s not there. I loved that group of kids but I keep telling myself that he’s going to make twice the amount of friends now and will still see all his old buddies around school all the time.

It’s going to be a great year for the kids…I can only imagine what all three will have learned by the time day 180 rolls around!

Teacher Appreciation Week, continued…

For day two of Teacher Appreciation Week, the kids and I baked up some sweet treats. We used a recipe from an IG friend, the most amazing recipe ever! Honestly, every single person I gave cookies to (the kid’s teachers, my team, and a few other teachers/staff at my school that helped me out one day last week) all raved about how good they were. A few even had triple & quadruple servings (I’ll leave you nameless! Haha!).

So, it’s fair to say that they cookies were a great treat to give. Someone on my IG commented about being told teachers never eat baked goods from kids. For us, seeing as I teach at the same school my kids go, I’m pretty certain they trust our homemade goodies. & being a teacher, I totally know which kids I’d eat homemade goodies from & which ones I wouldn’t. Ha!

So, if you haven’t thanked a teacher yet this week, maybe send in a sweet treat! My friend, Elizabeth (fellow teacher, momma, blogger, super woman extraordinaire) at Sam and Scout, shares some other great ideas, as well! Check them out!

Teacher Appreciation WeekSuper cute smart cookie printable from here.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

If you didn’t already know, this week is the perfect time to thank a teacher! It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week 2014, and we will surely be thanking the teachers that make a difference in our kids lives this week…I plan to do something little each day to help them feel the love. First up thisContinue Reading

Spring break countdown is on.

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An extra day.

We’ve got an extra day at home this week thanks to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Just another perk of being a teacher. We don’t have big plans for the day, we are still in pjs while some laundry is going & the kids are gobbling down bacon & strawberries for breakfast. MyContinue Reading

wiww: Celebrate Literacy Week at School.

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A good, good break.

The life of a teacher has it’s perks. When we spend so much of our time, money, & energy on teaching the youth of today (and sometimes always feeling under appreciated) having our little breaks from the classroom are so very welcomed. A week off at Thanksgiving (which not all districts do, sorry Marcie!) isContinue Reading

Every year was my favorite year.

There’s just no way I can pick a favorite. It must be the reason I’m an elementary school teacher myself. Every year in school was my favorite year. I can tell you every elementary school teacher I had and why she was important to me (I didn’t have a male teacher until middle school) andContinue Reading