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Spring break countdown is on.

Spring break is just days away. I’ve been holding off starting a countdown because that would just make me want it more. But today? It was inevitable.

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:15. That was hitting my snooze for 15 more minutes after my original alarm went off. Today, I woke up at 6:34. Obviously I snoozed much longer today. I fear for tomorrow, I’m just praying it’s not any later than that or we won’t make it to school on time.

Lexie has been asking for summer since Christmas break (she skipped right over wanting spring break) and Lilah even asked this morning as I was waking her up if it was a “stay at home day”. The kids are feeling it, too.

& my students? Ya. They are done. Put-a-fork-in-them done. Today they took a math test and pretty much bombed it. Perimeter & area. Seriously?! Adding and multiplying. How hard is that? Well, as I tell them, it wasn’t hard, it was just work. And they had no intention on working. If I’m feeling nice I might just give them a five question pop quiz tomorrow in hopes that that will pull up their recent test grade. It’s so frustrating though because I teach & teach & teach and sometimes spoon feed them the information they need (I mean, formulas in their math notebooks that they are allowed to use on the test. Exact examples & step-by-step instructions) and then we still have days like this. & a big state test looming over our heads in just a few short weeks. Oy.

15 school hours to go until we are free for a week. I’ll count down in those hours because there’s a whole heck of a lot less of them between now & Friday afternoon.

An extra day.

We’ve got an extra day at home this week thanks to the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Just another perk of being a teacher.

We don’t have big plans for the day, we are still in pjs while some laundry is going & the kids are gobbling down bacon & strawberries for breakfast. My coffee cup is getting low & another k-cup will fill it soon. My dad’s birthday is tomorrow, so a trip to the store to pick out his present is in the plans for this afternoon. There was something I was going to get him for Christmas & then didn’t because we got my parents something else. Now I can’t remember for the life of me what it was, so wandering the aisles of Target later will hopefully help.

The weather here in Florida has been just gorgeous for at least a week now and it looks like the week ahead will be the same. We’ve actually been able to wear jeans & sweaters & boots & scarves. My parents have had a fire in their fireplace (man, I love my faux fireplace but sometimes I wish it were the real deal) and we’ve been eating soups & chowders to stay warm & cozy.

It’s been a nice change.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead (mostly because a four day week always flies by) because of some new changes coming in my classroom. For those teachers out there reading, I’m going to start “flipping” my math lessons. Google it. You’ll be amazed.

& to wrap up this randomness, I leave you with this. So true…

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wiww: Celebrate Literacy Week at School.

This is a little fun WIWW. This week is Celebrate Literacy week at school and that means themed days. The theme this year is reading across subjects and it’s been really fun, especially since my kids get to partake in it now.

Monday was dress like a scientist day, to support reading in science. We had the inflatable planetarium in the media center as well, to read a book in during the day. Tucker and I dressed as scientists (Professor Tucker was the absolute cutest) but the girls did not. Lilah had said, “I want to be a princess”. Sorry Charlie, only scientists. [All of our scientist gear is from the Dollar Store, minus Tucker’s $2 button down from Goodwill. Gotta love throwing together a costume in a pinch!]


Tuesday was “Score with a good book!” where we wore our favorite team duds and dropped everything to read in participation with the million minute read-a-thon. & of course, the kids & I donned our orange & blue in honor of the school we’ll be paying tuition to in about 12 years thanks to Tucker!


Today? Pajama day. & the weather calls for warm pajamas at that. I promise I’ll update this post with a picture of us when I get a chance. What better way than to read a book but snuggle up in some warm pjs?! We also have a published author coming to visit, a fun day ahead for sure!

A good, good break.

The life of a teacher has it’s perks. When we spend so much of our time, money, & energy on teaching the youth of today (and sometimes always feeling under appreciated) having our little breaks from the classroom are so very welcomed. A week off at Thanksgiving (which not all districts do, sorry Marcie!) isContinue Reading

Every year was my favorite year.

There’s just no way I can pick a favorite. It must be the reason I’m an elementary school teacher myself. Every year in school was my favorite year. I can tell you every elementary school teacher I had and why she was important to me (I didn’t have a male teacher until middle school) andContinue Reading

Making it work as a working mom.

I’m so excited to be partnering up with some awesome women over the next few months in a series called, “Making it Work as a Working Mom”. Elizabeth, of E, Myself, and I came up with this idea and reached out for working momma’s who wanted to join in. I, of course, jumped at theContinue Reading

5 technology tools for an easier back-to-school.

This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend the #weteach back to school workshop that focused around 5 technology tools to make back-to-school easier. Easier on you. The parent, the teacher, the tutor…whoever you may be. Not only was I excited to attend this event because it was focused around something big in our houseContinue Reading

Easing in.

We are a week and a half into the new school year (a little longer for me if you count pre-planning) and we are slowly easing into our new normal. Each evening after dinner we work on showers & book reading & homework. I pack snacks & lunches and prep folders & backpacks for theContinue Reading

WIWW: Back to school.

That is, back to school, teacher style. This is what I wore on my first day back to work with students. It is so crazy to think that another school year is upon us. This is 7 & half years under my belt, my eight anniversary of becoming a teacher will be in January. AContinue Reading

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