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Teacher Appreciation Week, continued…

For day two of Teacher Appreciation Week, the kids and I baked up some sweet treats. We used a recipe from an IG friend, the most amazing recipe ever! Honestly, every single person I gave cookies to (the kid’s teachers, my team, and a few other teachers/staff at my school that helped me out one day last week) all raved about how good they were. A few even had triple & quadruple servings (I’ll leave you nameless! Haha!).

So, it’s fair to say that they cookies were a great treat to give. Someone on my IG commented about being told teachers never eat baked goods from kids. For us, seeing as I teach at the same school my kids go, I’m pretty certain they trust our homemade goodies. & being a teacher, I totally know which kids I’d eat homemade goodies from & which ones I wouldn’t. Ha!

So, if you haven’t thanked a teacher yet this week, maybe send in a sweet treat! My friend, Elizabeth (fellow teacher, momma, blogger, super woman extraordinaire) at Sam and Scout, shares some other great ideas, as well! Check them out!

Teacher Appreciation WeekSuper cute smart cookie printable from here.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

If you didn’t already know, this week is the perfect time to thank a teacher!

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Week 2014, and we will surely be thanking the teachers that make a difference in our kids lives this week…I plan to do something little each day to help them feel the love.

First up this week, motivational posters for some of the biggest cheerleaders in our kid’s lives when it comes to learning. I had picked these up in the Target Dollar Spot this summer, just add a little ribbon to them and a thank you card & you are all set.


If you need some more ideas, check here and here for some things we’ve done in the past…

The stuff dreams are made of.

This was the second year in a row that we got to stay home for Christmas. When you have little ones, you know how important that is sometimes. All they really want to do is enjoy their new goodies and in years past we’d travel from one family Christmas to the next and be exhausted by the end of the day. Both years now, my parents, my grandmother, and my aunt & uncle have come to us on Christmas day to celebrate. It’s much different than all my Christmases growing up (my big fat Greek family is quite fun) but also nice just the same to be a little smaller & a little more simple.

After we opened Christmas presents, just the five of us, I made breakfast and we leisurely got ready for the day. The kids started testing out some of their new toys while I prepped food and got things ready for our guests.  Once they arrived, we talked & ate appetizers and it wasn’t long before the kids convinced the grandparents it was time to open more presents. I got a few handmade scarves from my mom (she’s become a crochet wizard) which I’m still waiting for cooler weather to wear. I also love the basket of goodies my aunt & uncle always give me each year, it’s a present I always look forward to. Tucker got a tablet from my parents and a train for under the tree while Lilah got more of her much wanted make-up and Lexie finally got her monkey in a diaper! To say the kids were satisfied with all their new presents is an understatement.

In the early afternoon we finally enjoyed all the Christmas day fixings and then settled in to rest & relax while the kids played some more and we continued to do what adults do best, talk. It really was a day filled with the stuff dreams are made of.























Christmas morning 2013.

It’s sweet how magical Christmas morning is with young kids. The anticipation leading up to opening their presents left from Santa, and the little twinkle in their eyes as they talk about the big guy. It’s also pretty amazing how quickly they can tear through all those presents that are left under the tree, recordContinue Reading

A little roasting.

One of the things we did to kick off our Thanksgiving break was have a little roasting party with my parents. We were lucky enough to get some cooler than usual weather during the week we had off & it really set the tone for the holiday. Who doesn’t like enjoying Thanksgiving break in jeansContinue Reading

A good, good break.

The life of a teacher has it’s perks. When we spend so much of our time, money, & energy on teaching the youth of today (and sometimes always feeling under appreciated) having our little breaks from the classroom are so very welcomed. A week off at Thanksgiving (which not all districts do, sorry Marcie!) isContinue Reading

Thanksgiving 2013 Recap.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come & gone. The anticipation of the holiday this year was quite different that some years, I think. Mostly because it was so late in November and so many people were trying to get a jump start on the Christmas season even before the ol’ bird had beenContinue Reading

Oh, I am thankful for…

Overhearing sweet words between my girls. (Lilah sneezed and Lexie’s said, “bless you” and Lilah replied, “thank you”. Little moments like that are sometimes few and far between it seems so catching them in the act makes my heart happy). A full cup of coffee. Our sweet little home, even if it’s not our dreamContinue Reading

Happy 4th!

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