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Shipt shopping ftw.

I may be late to the game, but if there’s something I know about life… there’s always someone else that is behind you in learning something new.

We spent all of last weekend at Disney, with two days at the parks and an overnight stay at one of the hotels. We had two days left on four day passes we bought back in February and they were expiring on Sunday, so we had to use them.

When we got home Sunday evening, my parents had met us at our house to drop off Little Man (oh ya, you may not know who little Man is seeing as the last time I wrote anything here was March… I’ll share about him later). We were sitting on the back porch talking and somehow got on the subject of the different ways to order your groceries and have them delivered/have someone shop for you. So, one thing led to another and I decided to give Shipt a whirl.

using Shipt

It was around 6pm and after signing up the next earliest delivery time was between 9-10pm. I felt a little funny doing it, but I really didn’t have the energy to go shopping myself.

As I started to pick out my groceries, I realized I could shop the Publix deals (sales and BOGO’s) along with shopping the different grocery categories. I loved shopping the deals first and then adding my staples to my list afterwards. You better believe I won’t be handing this app over to Mike anytime soon though, he’ll go wild with the BOGO’s!

Once I submitted my order I realized I had time to get a few other things done around the house. I started a load of laundry and cleaned out the fridge so it would be ready for my delivery. After the kids went to bed, I took a shower and settled in to watch tv with Mike. About an hour before my delivery window, I got a text from my shopper notifying me that she was heading to the store and would let me know if there were any problems with my order as she shopped. We exchanged a few texts (one of which was me telling her I was a newbie to Shipt) and that was that.

For the next hour or so, I watched tv (and felt a tad bit guilty about it) as my shopper would text me every now and then about an item that wasn’t available and what she could replace it with instead. While we texted she also gave me a few tips on using Shipt. She was really personable and helpful!

She showed up to our house halfway through our delivery window and when I greeted her at the door she told me she could drop the groceries at the door or follow me in to unload them in the kitchen. Since it was late and I could tell she had my plastic bags within her own reusable bags, I had her come inside. We chatted as we unloaded the bags, I offered her a tip, and she was on her way.

Shipt delivery

It was GLORIOUS! I tell you… absolutely amazing! Since then another weekend has passed and another grocery trip that I shoved off on Shipt instead of myself. This past weekend I was under the weather, so having this app was super helpful… why it wasn’t around when my kids were babes is beyond me but I’m so envious of all those momma’s of little ones that no longer have to lug kids (and all their belongings) to the grocery store.

I plan on putting Shipt to use regularly because it is a time (and money!) saver. Yes… I said money. Think about it this way, no splurge shopping just because I see something as I’m walking down an aisle. I make a list, I shop, and I’m good to go.

Some key takeaways about Shipt:

  • When you sign in, they have fun categories like “Back-to-School” (seasonable for now, so I assume those change out over time), “Eating Healthy”, “Break Room” and “What’s on Sale Today!”

navigating Shipt

  • You can chose to “Buy Again” which takes you to previously purchased items… perfect for restocking your staples!
  • Tipping can be done with cash at the door or via the app after your shopper has marked the trip as “delivered”. You can also rate your shopper during this time as well.
  • You’re emailed a receipt afterwards as well, where it breaks down what you requested (including quantities of each item) and what was actually delivered.
  • My first Shipt shopper let me know that while the window to add to your order closes an hour before the delivery time, you can text your shopper and they can add to your order on their end while they are shopping if needed.
  • You can save money on your groceries by sharing Shipt with friends! I saved $10 on my last order because a friend singed up with my referral code. Feel free to sign up using mine here and then share yours with your friends!

Week three (and a half…) in #ourforeverfloridahome


It’s been a busy week, hence not getting to this until about halfway to week four. We’ve been working on lots of odds & ends this week. I have about four boxes left to unpack of decorations, but most of them I’m not really sure where to put.

I started painting doors this weekend, dark doors like our old house. We got a couch & loveseat for the living room and a new tv (presents to ourselves, can you guess which was my pick and which was Mike’s?!) and all spaces are really coming together.

The next thing I want to do on our list of projects is the floors. We’re going to do a wood vinyl throughout, since Rosie will be coming home to us soon (do you spy her in the pictures below???). By soon, I mean Friday. We’ll see how Lilah does with our new addition!

















wiww: one dress, two ways.


This week, I wore one dress, two ways. Dressed up, dressed down. I love when a piece works like this.

Monday morning, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to a weekly Monday morning meeting with one of my clients. When we left the house it was a little cool, enough to pair this dress with a scarf and some booties. This was actually my first time wearing booties with something other than jeans or leggings.

I feel like it makes my legs look stout. Not sure if I’m a fan of it yet.

After my meeting, I came home to work. A perk of the job (from time to time, lately I’ve worked in the office on many of my “work at home” days for one reason or another). During this part of the day it warmed up. When I went to pick up the kids from school, I just threw on a pair of sandals, but grabbed my jacket again because it was raining.

One dress, two ways. Dressed up, dressed down. What’s your pick?
pleated poppy

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For Sandy Hook & it’s 26 Angels.

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