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My daughter the diva & a little wiww.

This girl is just too much. I seriously need to get her into some sort of modeling (although, that would totally go to her head). These poses were done 100% on her own when I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her wearing my scarf. She then proceeded to put on the boots, asked me to put a ballerina bun in her hair & added a headband.

I was a little shocked she didn’t ask for make up, too.

So, this edition of wiww is brought to you by my daughter the diva.


Headband: Target around 4th of July, Shirt: Target, Gray leggings trimmed with lace: Old Navy, Boots: hand-me-downs, Scarf: Walmart, just $5 for a two pack, this one came with black, too, Poses: All Lilah.

 pleated poppy

It’s starting to feel like fall, according to my #wiww.



When you look at what I’ve been wearing over the past week or so, you can see that it’s starting to feel like fall here in Sunny Florida. All I can says is, heck yes!


Looks like my fall style so far is pretty muted as far as colors go. Cream, navy, black, gray. Hmmm. Mostly, I’m just big on simple & comfortable. & I’ll be even more happy when I can pull out my scarves every day and throw on a pair of boots.



Happy Fall Y’all! (yes, I know. The most lame post ever, especially because I’m too lazy to share any outfit details. Leave a comment if you want to know where anything came from!).

wiww: A Trades of Hope review & giveaway.

Last month, I attended one of those home parties. You know, the kind where a bunch of ladies are invited, good food is served, small talk is had and you end up buying some sort of product at the end?

Well, this kind of home party was a little different than your normal home party. It was one that you not only walked away from with something pretty for your money spent, but you served a greater purpose in making your purchase.

Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope was started by women for women. But not just for any ordinary woman. It was started for women living in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Their website says,

We work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have AIDS. These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. They love their families and hope and dream of a better life for them.

Trades of Hope partners with over 20 artisan groups from around the globe to sell handcrafted jewelry, scarves, bags and home decor. Some countries these ladies come from include India, Uganda, and Haiti. The items made are consider fair trade products, meaning the artisans are paid fair prices for their products and services. With fair trade, Trades of Hope artisans make approximately 6 times more than they would normally make in the context of their own country. I also love this information about who is being helped through Trades of Hope.

And if that’s not enough of a difference on our world, Trades of Hope also does something called, “Gifts of Hope” where they give donations to programs that promote long term business and education. For the party I went to last month, if the party reached a certain amount in sales, a goat would be donated to a family. From this goat, they would then not only have milk for themselves, but a business of their own through selling milk to others in their area. The hostess of this party made sure that we were able to give that goat, and it was really neat to hear when all was said and done that we raised enough money in sales to achieve that goal.

The item I ordered was a gorgeous metallic scarf. I had actually got it just in time for my trip to Boston and wore it on my first day (travel day) there. It was a great way to dress up a simple pair of jeans and long sleeve shirt. I cannot wait for the fall weather to arrive here in Florida (for more than just a day!) so I can wear it more!


Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope scarf

Trades of Hope artisans


Now, want to know what you could win?! In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my friend Shelby (the Trades of Hope entrepreneur who my other friend, Katie, hosted her party through) is offering up the Triumph Bracelet to one lucky reader! It is handmade in Haiti using cereal box and clay beads (say what!? cereal boxes??? so cool!) and 50% of the net proceeds will be given to three different organizations who support women battling breast cancer. triumph bracelet breast cancer awareness

This is near & dear to me because my own grandmother fought breast cancer (and triumphed!) many many years ago.

So, how can you enter (and hopefully win!?) Just follow the steps below!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

pleated poppy

wiww: randomness.

I’ve still got a ton that I want to share about #inbound14, because this was just the tip of the iceberg. But first, I’ll have to find time to do write it all down. So, until then, I thought I’d share a little wiww because we all know how easy & fun these posts are.Continue Reading

wiww: French Toast School Uniform Review

This is a little different spin on my usual What I Wore Wednesday post, the kids are taking over and what they are wearing for back to school this year is what we’re serving up. School’s out for summer, but we all know how fast the summer can come to an end. I’ve got schoolContinue Reading

wiww at the end of the school year.

School’s out for summer & these last few pictures of the school year explain it all. The first wiww outfit was what I wore to one of my many workshops that ended out this school year. The middle photo was the day I watched my baby boy be promoted from kindergarten to first grade (sobContinue Reading

wiww: denim shorts two ways

A few weeks ago I bought a new pair of denim shorts from Old Navy. They are cuffed boyfriend style with just the right amount of wear & tear to them already. They are my new favorite go-to on these hot weekends. Here are my denim shorts two ways. Friday night, Mike and I headedContinue Reading

wiww: this week.

It’s funny how I lean on my wiww posts when I’m not tending my blog as well as I should be. I guess because they are fun & easy. This week’s wiww post is themed on what I actually wore this week. Meaning Monday & Tuesday. It was cool on Monday, but I wanted toContinue Reading

wiww: top five reasons I love a maxi skirt

It was just a year ago that I wore my first long maxi skirt. In the 365 days that have passed since then, my love of the maxi skirt has grown tenfold. They only reason I know that it was a year ago yesterday that I wore my first floor-length maxi is because of myContinue Reading

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