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Wiww: no fall in Florida.

We’ve been hitting some record highs here in Florida this fall.

Okay. I really don’t know if that is true because I don’t watch the weather. The farthest I go is checking the weather app on my phone. However, it’s been down right depressing here with no fall weather in sight. What makes it worse? My Timehop app keeps showing me pictures from last year where we were already able to wear boots and sweaters and scarves.

Yesterday I decided to take a stand and fall up my outfit as much as I could for an almost 90 degree day in November.

The results?

Fall in Florida outfit

So there you have it. This was my solution to wearing a fall-inspired outfit in Florida, where fall has yet to visit yet. Can you tell by my face that I’m a little less than enthused about having to come up with this fix to the problem I’m facing (I know, no fall in Florida is such a horrible problem to have…but man, I love me some scarves & booties!). What do you think? Yay or nay?

pleated poppy

#wiww, transitioning into fall…

I haven’t shared one of these in quite some time.

Maybe it’s because my favorite time of year to dress for has got to be the fall. Boots, scarves and bundling up. Everything looks feels cozy & looks cozy. Don’t let me confuse you though, this is not a fall outfit yet. Not in Florida.

It will be at least another month before I can start to cozy up, although I did bust out a light scarf on the first day of fall to add to the shirt dress I wore that day. Until then, here’s one of my “transitioning into fall…” outfits for you.

wiww transitioning into fall

Top: Hmm, not sure. Dress leggings: Target. Sandals: Target. Necklace: Stella & Dot.

wiww: a new ‘do

This week’s wiww will be short & sweet.

Rather than feature what I’m actually wearing, I’m going to feature my new ‘do this week. Hair do, that is. Which, when I say it like that, hair do…it makes me wonder if that is the grammatically correct way to spell it? Isn’t it funny how there are some sayings or phrases that you really question the way to write out on paper?

new hair do

Anyways. Story behind my drastic change (I think it pretty drastic at least).

I was perusing Instagram one day, on the search tab where “based on people you follow” or “popular in your …” pictures show up and stumbled upon @onelittlemomma. Let me tell you, I fell in love with her hair and her style instantly. & once I checked out her blog & shop? Yup, it was a done deal. I knew I wanted my hair like hers, I just wasn’t sure if I could be so brave as to chop it off right away. So over the last month or so I’ve eased into it. I had my stylist take a little bit off last month and then finally went all the way last week.

I’ve got to say, short hair is a lot of fun and so easy to do. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to anything different. I’m stil experimenting with styling it, and I’ve realized I’lll probably have to get it cut every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking right. But pretty much, I’m in love.
pleated poppy

wiww: comfort in “winter”

I mention, comfort in “winter” with big fat quotation marks around the W word because in Florida we never really have winter. This year though, I’d say its been more seasonable than usual. I’ve definitely worn more sweaters, scarfs and boots than in years past. Which I don’t mind a bit, however, from time toContinue Reading

wiww: one dress, two ways.

  This week, I wore one dress, two ways. Dressed up, dressed down. I love when a piece works like this. Monday morning, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to a weekly Monday morning meeting with one of my clients. When we left the house it was a little cool, enough toContinue Reading

My first wiww of 2015.

I might have missed my five year blogiversary yesterday, and Wednesday might almost be over, but I will post my first wiww of 2015. I’m bound and determined to be a better blogger this year. Last year, this little blog took a hard hit when it comes to how much attention I paid it. IContinue Reading

My daughter the diva & a little wiww.

This girl is just too much. I seriously need to get her into some sort of modeling (although, that would totally go to her head). These poses were done 100% on her own when I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her wearing my scarf. She then proceeded to put onContinue Reading

It’s starting to feel like fall, according to my #wiww.

    When you look at what I’ve been wearing over the past week or so, you can see that it’s starting to feel like fall here in Sunny Florida. All I can says is, heck yes!   Looks like my fall style so far is pretty muted as far as colors go. Cream, navy,Continue Reading

wiww: A Trades of Hope review & giveaway.

Last month, I attended one of those home parties. You know, the kind where a bunch of ladies are invited, good food is served, small talk is had and you end up buying some sort of product at the end? Well, this kind of home party was a little different than your normal home party.Continue Reading