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wiww: top five reasons I love a maxi skirt

It was just a year ago that I wore my first long maxi skirt. In the 365 days that have passed since then, my love of the maxi skirt has grown tenfold.

They only reason I know that it was a year ago yesterday that I wore my first floor-length maxi is because of my timehop app (no, I don’t keep track of my favorite outfits and how long they stay my favorite, er, minus these wiww posts I guess). My first maxi skirt was a heather gray a coral stripped maxi that is still one of my favorites to wear today, although my collection has grown a bit since then.

& today marks my most recent addition.

maxi skirt love

Yes, #targetdoesitagain (& 10% off my the Cartwheel app!)

There are so many reasons why I love this skirt, and all of my other long maxi skirts. Here are my top five reasons:

  1. They can be dressed down or dressed up. I can wear one of these just lounging around the house by pairing it with a tank top and bare feet or I can dress it up for work with a flowy blouse, great accent necklace, and strappy pair of sandals.
  2. They pair perfectly with layers. I love adding a denim jacket, cardigan, or scarf to an outfit with a maxi.
  3. They work in a variety of weather. Just think about it, because they pair so nicely with layers, they obviously can be warmed up for cool weather or cooled down for warm weather. It was in the mid 50s this morning and my denim jacket kept me warm until it warmed up, but I can also wear this same maxi this summer without being hot.
  4. They look good on every body type. I have yet to see someone that doesn’t look good in a maxi (or doesn’t love the maxi they are in, as well!) When you love what you are wearing, you feel better in what you are wearing.
  5. They are super affordable. I’ve never spent more than $15 on my maxi skirts. Can’t beat that.

Can you add something to my list? Why do you love your maxi skirt?

pleated poppy

wiww: one top, two ways.

I recently got this top from Target (yes, #targetdoesitagain) and love it. I mostly love how I can pair it with any  pop of color because of it’s simple black & white design. I wore it Saturday for my brother & sister-in-law’s housewarming party (super casual cookout) and then again Monday for work (dressed up a little more with mint skinnies & heels).


Do you have those one or two go to items in your closet that can look great any way you dress it? Do share.

pleated poppy

wiww: check out the shoes.


I love all of the shoes in these three outfits. I took a picture last night of what I had worn yesterday and I loved those shoes as well (but was too lazy to load the pics before getting this post ready so they’ll just have to wait for another day). I need to get a close up of each of these shoes, as well.

pleated poppyOutfit 1: Cardigan-Hmm, Target I think, top-Target, Jeans-Old Navy, leopard flats-Target.

Outfit 2: Lovely green top-Target, pants-Target, glitter & leather sandals-Target (where else!? We see a pattern here)

Outfit 3: Casual gray top-Bealls Outlet, jeans-Target, Tom-like (I know they give a free pair of shoes to needy kids in other countries if you buy them but I have yet to) flats-Walmart. These ones are gray with a cute pattern.

wiww: layers.

It’s funny that I don’t link up on the regular with my WIWW posts but when I do there always seems to be a trend to my outfits. When I looked at these pictures I realized layers it is this week. Our normally hot Florida weather (even in winter) has been more seasonal over theContinue Reading

wiww: Celebrate Literacy Week at School.

This is a little fun WIWW. This week is Celebrate Literacy week at school and that means themed days. The theme this year is reading across subjects and it’s been really fun, especially since my kids get to partake in it now. Monday was dress like a scientist day, to support reading in science. WeContinue Reading

wiww: last week for Thanksgiving

All I have to say about what I wore for Thanksgiving is 1) we had perfect weather so fall attire was a must, scarves & boots were the perfect accessories & 2) booties! I’ve been seeing them around Instagram, all my favorite well-dressed ladies wearing them with skinny jeans and I couldn’t wait to findContinue Reading

wiww: a little bit cool.

A few weeks ago, a little bit of a cool front came through. It was an excuse to break out my boots for the first time this year. In Florida, high of 70 means you wear boots & scarves & anything else that you usually only get to wear a handful of times each year.Continue Reading

wiww: casual work attire

Last week was quite the week at work. We had a workday Monday (& the prior Friday) and for anyone who isn’t in the school system, to teachers those are “I finally get to catch up & take a breath, use the bathroom whenever I want, have an hour for lunch, and do it allContinue Reading

wiww: bring on fall.

Now that we are in October (& tons of friends up North & out west are posting about their fall temperatures) I cannot wait for fall to hit here. We’ve had a few days in the 80’s and just that alone has been a reprieve! The evenings are really nice, with cool breezes most days.Continue Reading

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