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wiww: comfort in “winter”

I mention, comfort in “winter” with big fat quotation marks around the W word because in Florida we never really have winter. This year though, I’d say its been more seasonable than usual. I’ve definitely worn more sweaters, scarfs and boots than in years past. Which I don’t mind a bit, however, from time to time, I am getting the itch to not have to layer up. I’m sure I’ll take that back next week when it’s going to be in the 80s for at least a week straight according to my weather app.


First outfit: The whole dang outfit, minus the glasses, are from Target. The loose top and velour leggings (yup, you read that right!) are super comfy. I worked from home the day I wore this and I big puffy heart love working from home and getting to cozy up while doing it.

Next outfit: Sweater, on sale at Target. Jeans, no clue. Booties, Target. Scarf, Nanmade with Love.

Last outfit: Yup, got the velour leggings on again. Long gray sweater, Target. Boots, Old Navy. Jacket & scarf, Walmart. Glasses, Firmoo.
pleated poppy

wiww: one dress, two ways.


This week, I wore one dress, two ways. Dressed up, dressed down. I love when a piece works like this.

Monday morning, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to a weekly Monday morning meeting with one of my clients. When we left the house it was a little cool, enough to pair this dress with a scarf and some booties. This was actually my first time wearing booties with something other than jeans or leggings.

I feel like it makes my legs look stout. Not sure if I’m a fan of it yet.

After my meeting, I came home to work. A perk of the job (from time to time, lately I’ve worked in the office on many of my “work at home” days for one reason or another). During this part of the day it warmed up. When I went to pick up the kids from school, I just threw on a pair of sandals, but grabbed my jacket again because it was raining.

One dress, two ways. Dressed up, dressed down. What’s your pick?
pleated poppy

My first wiww of 2015.

I might have missed my five year blogiversary yesterday, and Wednesday might almost be over, but I will post my first wiww of 2015.

I’m bound and determined to be a better blogger this year. Last year, this little blog took a hard hit when it comes to how much attention I paid it. I had big plans of doing a blogiversary post yesterday and share my goals for this little blog in the new year. I had planned on taking a little walk down memory lane and maybe even sharing five things I’ve learned in the last five years. Psh.

Didn’t happen.

But, because I have five minutes to spare right now (just barely). Here’s a little “What I Wore Wednesday” action for you.


Outfit one was for a casual day in the office (luckily most days in the office are pretty casual unless we are meeting with a client or whatnot, another win for my job) and outfit two was for the big back-to-school-and-work-and-life-as-normal grocery shopping trip to Target to stock up before school started back.

Now that I think about it, I really don’t know what the purpose of this post is for. Other than 1) its easy and 2) it sometimes makes me think more about my outfits in the morning because I think, “would I take a picture of this for my blog?”

Ok, that’s it for now. I definitely need to get back to work and maybe find some time to brainstorm where I’m taking this blog in 2015. Ready, break.

My daughter the diva & a little wiww.

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It’s starting to feel like fall, according to my #wiww.

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wiww: randomness.

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wiww at the end of the school year.

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