Parenting, hardest gig you’ll ever have.

I remember when the girls were just babies, someone I know told me that it only gets harder as the kids get older. That the baby years may seem hard but you just don’t know what is coming. Man, can I attest to that now. Oh how I wish I could go back to the sleepless nightsContinue Reading

#wiww, transitioning into fall…

I haven’t shared one of these in quite some time. Maybe it’s because my favorite time of year to dress for has got to be the fall. Boots, scarves and bundling up. Everything looks feels cozy & looks cozy. Don’t let me confuse you though, this is not a fall outfit yet. Not in Florida.Continue Reading

Week 21-ish in #ourforeverfloridahome

The holidays are coming (what what!?) and I figured it was time for an update. Our first set of holidays in our new home, our forever home. Bringing old traditions into this new house, making new traditions and new memories. Ones that will last a lifetime. We haven’t done any projects since everything we didContinue Reading

First day of school: 2015

Another summer over and another first day of school in the books. First week of school really, since it’s taken me that long to get this post together. Want even more icing on the cake? We’ve already had our first case of the sickies…Lilah stayed home from school today! This year, Tucker’s in 2nd gradeContinue Reading

Officially official.

I’m not sure how long this quote will hold true for me, but for now it is. If you had told me two years ago that today I’d be NOT starting another school year this year, I wouldn’t have believed you. This year though, it’s official. My resignation was ratified at one of the lastContinue Reading

Week 15-ish in #ourforeverfloridahome

So, you may think by the lack of blogging I’ve done this summer that I have totally forgot how to do it. I promise that is not the case. I’m just doing it so much for all of my clients that I have next to no time to do it for myself. That & theContinue Reading

9 years and counting…

What to say about being married almost ten years? Well, mostly I feel old. We are becoming that old married couple, who buys each other things like houses & cars & groceries, so the need for an anniversary present really isn’t that necessary. We spend our anniversary dinner at the local Cheddars, run to HobbyContinue Reading

Week six and seven in #ourforeverfloridahome.

Working during the summer is no joke. Most normal people, who have always worked year-round have no clue what I mean by this or what the big deal is. But being a teacher for almost 9 years and having summers off during that time leave me feeling very odd this first summer that I’m actuallyContinue Reading

Week five in #ourforeverflorida home…

Well, we haven’t done anything spectacular around the house lately and it’s really bumming me out. I really want to do our floors, like we have been planning today, but we just haven’t had any time at all the get to the store to order the floors, let alone install them (yes, we plan onContinue Reading