Upwards Soccer.

Tucker had his first soccer game this morning & while the end score isn’t all that important in Upwards Soccer, his team technically won 6-4. We found Upwards Soccer through some friends and I think its the perfect fit for us just starting out in team sports. They teach the fundamentals of soccer (I thinkContinue Reading

A pretty lame spring break.

It’s 11 pm and I’m curled up on the couch, under my favorite blanket, with my laptop on my lap (fancy that) and Hart of Dixie on the t.v. as I try to catch up on episodes. I’m reading blogs and pinning on Pinterest. All while my parents are on vacation, their last night awayContinue Reading

A new adventure in inbound marketing.

This little blog of mine has brought me many things over the years. I started it not knowing any of this would ever happen. Not expecting anything from it besides it being a place where I could write about my kids. But as I learned more & more about blogging it evolved. I evolved. ThroughContinue Reading

Spring break so far…

It’s almost 6 am and I’m up. It’s spring break, but I’m always a light sleeper, so this isn’t a surprise. The only upside is, if I do fall back asleep, I don’t have anywhere I have to be. All alarms on my phone are off. Yesterday we spent a lazy day at home. IContinue Reading

Not your normal spring break.

One day, I’ll learn. Today was our first day of spring break and I chose to spend it painting the girls’ bedroom. Who does that?! Me, obviously. I saw people posting pictures of sun, sand, water. Relaxing. And I decided to wake up early, head to Home Depot for a cartload of paint & supplies,Continue Reading

Spring break countdown is on.

Spring break is just days away. I’ve been holding off starting a countdown because that would just make me want it more. But today? It was inevitable. Yesterday, I woke up at 6:15. That was hitting my snooze for 15 more minutes after my original alarm went off. Today, I woke up at 6:34. ObviouslyContinue Reading

Working on a strong-willed child.

I’ve alluded to the fact that Lilah is what you would call strong-willed. Oh, is that ever true. I feel like there are a few reasons for this. The fact that she came into this world a born fighter & her genes. Being born at 29 weeks (and we are pretty sure she’s the reasonContinue Reading

wiww: top five reasons I love a maxi skirt

It was just a year ago that I wore my first long maxi skirt. In the 365 days that have passed since then, my love of the maxi skirt has grown tenfold. They only reason I know that it was a year ago yesterday that I wore my first floor-length maxi is because of myContinue Reading

So maybe spring is my favorite.

I used to think fall was my favorite time of year, and maybe if I lived somewhere where fall was a little more fall-ish, it still would be. But as I grow older, see wiser, I realize that it really must be spring that I love most. Spring in Florida really is the perfect timeContinue Reading

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