Essential Oil Review: My Life’s Essentials

A few months ago I was contacted by Julie at My Life’s Essentials in regards to checking out some essential oils and doing a review on them. I’ve been wanting to try essential oils for sometime now, so this review was meant to be. After eagerly jumping on this, I gave Julie a rundown ofContinue Reading

Our 4th of July weekend recap

This has been a good weekend. One we desperately needed. Heck, and the weekend isn’t even over yet. We knew Mike would be off for the 4th but when he called me on Thursday on his way home from work (at 3:30 rather than his normal 5:30 for the 10-hr days they’ve been pulling) heContinue Reading

Our ride on the Sunrail.

Last week, mom and I took the kids on a little surprise adventure to check more off of our summer to-do list. Central Florida recently got the Sunrail, a commuter rail line that runs from Orlando north to Debary. Eventually it will run through Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Osceola counties  (which we can’t wait for, theContinue Reading

Vote for us, VoiceBoks Multiple Parenting Blog Nominee

I love getting fun emails in my inbox for things like being nominated for recognition on a top parenting blog. It’s funny that this comes during the summer time when I feel like I might lose my mind as a parent (anyone who has young kids at home during the long days of summer knowsContinue Reading

wiww: French Toast School Uniform Review

This is a little different spin on my usual What I Wore Wednesday post, the kids are taking over and what they are wearing for back to school this year is what we’re serving up. School’s out for summer, but we all know how fast the summer can come to an end. I’ve got schoolContinue Reading

Seattle’s Best Coffee at Publix: a review.

Today is the first day, in two weeks, that we have nothing to do. Summer started and we were busy. The kids had two back-to-back weeks of VBS and I was cramming in as much work at Reach as I could during that time. So for two weeks straight, we got up every morning justContinue Reading

Fill ‘er up for free all summer long with RaceTrac’s Sodapalooza!

I mentioned last month that RaceTrac’s Sodapalooza FreeFill event was back for the summer. Spend a one time fee of $7.99 for this special mug and get free refills on all fountain and frozen drinks all summer long?! What is not to love about that? The kids and I finally had our chance to swingContinue Reading

wiww: Summer work look.

Working in the summer is not something I’m usually accustomed to. Being a teacher, workshops in the summer are as you choose, and for the last few years (the ones where my kids have been involved) I’ve always chose to do the bare minimums.  But, my new job has me working through the summer. Luckily, IContinue Reading

3 reasons why parenting is the hardest job.

Lawyers, doctors and rocket scientists don’t have anything on a mom or dad. Your jobs may be hard, but the hardest job anyone can have is that of a parent. Today we were supposed to be celebrating my husband for Father’s Day. He has to work tomorrow (seriously!?) so today was going to be hisContinue Reading

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