To Do’s

If ya’ll haven’t previously guessed, I’m a huge list-maker & do it for pretty much every area of my life! I really enjoy seeing things marked off a well made list & feeling a sense of accomplishment. This list is a continuous work in progress, as we are always doings something around our house.

  1. Add landscape in the backyard now that the fence is up (we added a shed & now need to do the landscaping)
  2. Find & buy cheap wood baseball bats for Tucker’s room, cut in half, and hang on wall as railing.
  3. Finish decorating the kids bathroom. Which means getting the girls tub pictures taken…Tucker had his done at like 9 months old and the girls are almost twice that age now! Ah! (Just one or two little projects to finish up in here)
  4. Find something to decorate my empty corner in the living room(Did that during the fall & never updated!)
  5. Find a rug for the living room. (Found one at Lowes this past weekend & it was 10% off!)
  6. Have Mike make my faux fireplace and hang the flat screen t.v. above it. Totally for decoration purposes  (especially for the holidays so we better get on it! for 2011!) and gorgeous in my head! Mike finally did this fall 2012 & I love it! Still need to add fence paneling on the wall inside if it.
  7. Turn the kitchen fridge into a giant chalkboard…I hate the fingerprints on the stainless and I saw this somewhere and think it will work for us!
  8. Find a decorative metal wall hanging for above my tub. Did that in the fall as well!
  9. Find and hang a decorative fork and spoon in the kitchenFound fork, spoon, and knife at our new Hobby Lobby (I LOVE THAT PLACE! And am so happy we have one near us now!) I spent $35 for all three…picture to come!
  10. Pull up the carpet in the living room and playroom and lay some sort of wood flooring instead. Did it in the fall as well…man, were we busy!
  11. Paint the foyer and the kid’s hallway. (I do have one more project I want to do in here, shouldn’t take too long)
  12. Paint our bedroom…STRIPES! First project of 2011…completed by day 6 of the new year!
  13. Mike is going to build a pergola in the backyard over our patio. Did it this spring…have to paint it now, adding that to the list.
  14. Paint the pergola.
  15. Finish the fence around our garbage cans! Oh, so much fun!
  16. Build this for the girls bedroom as we transition them to big girl beds.
  17. Update the girls bedroom (Paint trees to go with the owl bedding, switch out the bedding, do new names)
  18. Re-do Tucker’s room (thinking gray with yellow…his favorite color…a chalkboard painted on one wall, pops of orange or green, robots, chevron stripe curtains, a built in desk in his closet). Trying to go more big boy since he’ll be four & starting school in the next few years.
  19. Re-paint the living room. Yes, I’m the queen of paint. Thinking a neutral like something on this page.
  20. Make the girls a big girl room, I’m thinking summer 2014 before they start kindergarten.
  21. Put wood floors in our room (my birthday present this year!) & the kids room so that there is no more carpet in our house.
  22. Repaint the pergola.
  23. Put french doors in where the sliding glass door is.
  24. Resand & repaint the built-in in the playroom.
  25. New lights in the bathrooms.
  26. Paint the bathroom cabinets & add board & batten.
  27. Fix the fan light in our bedroom. We’ve gone two years without an overhead light because of this silly task!
  28. Finish putting wood paneling in the plant shelves in the living room & our bedroom.
  29. Re-organize & change some things about the laundry room/pantry.
  30. Spruce up the backyard with a big wooden “K” on the wall, add a swing somewhere, maybe a deck by the shed, and who knows what else!